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This site is getting a bit old, so I have begun transferring the material here to a new site: http://ybatv.blogspot.com. The new format (it will be a blog) has many advantages. It will be more interactive - you can leave comments and I can respond. You can subscribe via RSS or Atom so you know when new material has been posted. It will be easier to maintain - which means I might get around to doing more. And I will be able to put Google ads on the site (so if you go there, please click them - they should be highly-relevant TV-related ads).

I will keep this Geocities site up indefinitely - a lot of people have it bookmarked - but all the new stuff will go into the new 'Why be a TV?' blog. So you might want to update your bookmarks. I really hope to see you there.


My name is... Actually, my name is a secret. You can call me John. My real name is a secret because I am a closet transvestite. In all the world just one person knows the truth about me and that's my wife.

I have no idea why I am a transvestite and I'd like to use these pages as a place to explore that. Anyone interested in joining me in trying to understand this is welcome to write to me at whytv[at]yahoo.co.uk. I'm sure there are thousands of other transvestites who ponder this question and perhaps just as many wives, girlfriends, parents, children and friends. You are all welcome to join me on my quest for understanding. There seem to be very few scientists who find transvestitism interesting enough to study. If you are one of the few, then please feel free to contribute your views, your hypotheses and your findings.

This site is not a place for me to display photos of myself, to discuss make-up tips, to provide support for my "sisters", or to share my experiences. There are many other sites that do all these things and more and I do provide a small, idiosyncratic directory of such sites on the Community Links page.

Instead, this site is about trying to understand what drives a man to want to look and feel like a woman. I run this site because I can't find any other site on the Web devoted to this task and I would really like to know.

The site is in six main parts:

The Forum: This is where I will post communications with ideas and comment. I encourage you all to write to me with your thoughts and observations.

What I Believe: This is a summary of my current view of what transvestitism is and why I am one. As I say, I don't actually know, so this section will be a work in progress.

What Scientists Believe: There is no theory of transvestitism that is supported by any strong evidence. What little science there is on the subject, I will try to assemble here.

Community Links: Most of the people who will come here will have had their lives affected by transvestitism in some way. These links can help connect them to sources of help and support as well as to the broader community of online transvestites.

The Transvestite Bookshop: I've assembled a collection of books about transvestitism or that feature transvestitism in some way. Some are for fun and some are serious but all are available to buy online.

The Transvestite Video Shop: I've also assembled a collection of videos (VHS and DVD) about transvestitism or that feature transvestitism in some way. Again, some are for fun and some are serious but all are available to buy online.

Last but not least, I'm likely to make changes to these pages fairly slowly so, if you'd care to subscribe to my mailing list I will let you know whenever there is a major update.

The background on this page features Ashley. You can see Ashley's website here.

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