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"WS Charlie Horse"
Breyer's original "Old Timer"
made from 1966-1976.
Purchased on eBay, June 2003.

I wanted to buy this model in 1967 when I saw him in a Disneyland gift shop, but only had enough money to buy one model and I chose the H-R Kelso instead (see below). Finally, after 36 years, I have "Old Timer," from eBay for $16.50. He's in very good condition, too. Value guide lists him at
$36 - $48.

"WS Delilah" & "WS Mirah"
Breyer's glossy Proud Arabian Mare & Foal
from the late 1960s.
Purchased on eBay in 2000
 "WS Smoke Signal"
Breyer's "Smokey the Cowhorse" made from 1981-1985. Purchased on eBay in 1999. 
  "WS Shamaal"
Breyer's Prancing Arabian Stallion, otherwise known as "Sham, The Godolphin Arabian", from the Marguerite Henry book King of the Wind.

I made up the name Shamaal, then later found out it was real! (Arabic for The North Wind)  This original version in blood bay was made from 1984-88. I searched for this model for almost 2 years after seeing it in a mall toy store on display. They wouldn't sell me that display model, so the search was on. Found him at Cascade Models in Edmonds, WA in 1992. He's in excellent condition. He was shown once at NWC 1999, and placed 8th in a class of 34 Arabians. Not too shabby!


Head shot

"WS Extacy"
My Breyer "Khemosabi++++" model
from the early 1990s.

I saw the real Khemosabi horse (multi-world champion Arabian stallion) win the 4-wheel buggy driving class at a local show when I was a teenager. He was calm and well-mannered, leaving an impression of the ideal Arab in my mind. So naturally I had to get the model when it came out. I saved all the Arabian Horse World magazine photos and articles about Khemo that I came across. Khemo was humanely put to sleep on Mar. 1, 2001 due to an inoperable bowel obstruction.

"WS Black Satin"
The Black Stallion from book and movie fame, made by Breyer 1981-1988.

"WS Pride Of Widaan"
This is Breyer's Proud Arabian Stallion (PAS) mold
" *Witez II " from the mid 70s.

"Pride" was my first traditional sized Breyer Arabian stallion. This is the semi-glossy bay textured version.  He has a few rubs and rough seams, but is still my "Pride" and joy.  (NOTE: You can read the touching story of *Witez II in the biography "And Miles To Go" by Linell Smith.)

"WS Conquistador"
The Breyer Andalusian stallion mold, "Legionario III," from the early 80s.

He was given to me for my birthday from a co-worker. He's mint and very white. He used to "live" in my office window at home. "Con" took 4th place in Other Pure Breeds and 9th place in Whites/Grays at his first live show, Northwest Congress, May 1999.

"WS Summer Wind"
1970s Josef Originals lying foal
"WS Heritage Royale"
 1970s Breyer SM Arabian stallion
 "WS All Swell"
1970s Breyer SM TB broodmare
"WS Sound Breaker"
1970s Breyer SM Seabiscuit original
"WS Inez"
Late 1960s Breyer grazing foal in black.

This was also a gift from a friend, I think in 1973. Has a few touched up rubs. Another RARE and hard to come by model.

"WS Wamada"
1970 Breyer scratching foal in liver chestnut.

This was a gift from a friend in 1970. A few small rubs now, but in very nice condition. RARE and very hard to find!

"WS Stampact"
H-R classic sized Kelso.

Has many broken parts that have been glued back together. Some chips are missing. Nothing broken on the head! (Click for full story.) Bought in 1967 at Disneyland California for $10. Even in this condition, he is valued at around $200!

"WS Cinderella (Cindy)"
Mid 1960s Breyer smoke gray Running Mare  (made in the 1980s)

Shown here with my homemade sleigh harness complete with real jingle bells. I saved up $3.00 to buy her from a Woolworth's store. She was my childhood favorite, very played with and has many rubs and scratches, but NO BREAKS!

"WS Gypsy"
Late 1950s Breyer Western Horse (Black Beauty) with plastic snap saddle.

My aunt had Gypsy & Ponchita (below) and saw that I fell for them while visiting from out-of-state. She said I could take them home with me. I was thrilled! They were played with a lot. Chain reins are missing now. No broken parts, but socks, hooves, M/T, and silver trim have been touched up.

"WS Ponchita"
Later 1950s Breyer Western Pony with plastic snap saddle.

Still has original chain reins. Has two mended broken legs, and missing one ear tip. Hooves and brass have been partially touched up.

"WS Babe" & "WS Fairy Princess"
Early 1960s Breyer Family Arabian Mare & Proud Arabian Foal.

These were my first Breyer models as a child. I've always loved the face on Princess with her crooked smile and curious look. They have mended broken legs. Spots, etc. were added by me to cover scratches.

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