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twentieth century box
Twentieth Century Box - ELECTRO-DISCO MUSIC, 23/08/1981, LWT

Twentieth Century Box was a relatively short lived modern arts series (focusing on London and the Southeast) and broadcast in the London LWT area late on Friday night (if my memory serves me correctly) at the start of the Eighties. It was presented by (a rather young) Danny Baker.

The interest of this episode lies not only with the look at the local music scene east of London and on into darkest Essex, but is one of the first looks at the up-and-coming Basildon-based group Depeche Mode. It is from this episode that some of the modern documentary makers take their retrospective clips from.

This programme will appeal to those who have an interest in the local (UK) music scene at the start of the Eighties, and anyone who has a liking for Depeche Mode (who make up the latter-half of the episode).

Duration: 26 minutes