Age: 5

Salsa, a black and orange-brown coloured dog, takes up private investigating in his part time. He would normally hide behind the bush while he listens to his clientís problem and then appears in human form if he chooses to take the case. He went to the park where he meets his clients alone before he met Taketo, his owner, who now accompanies him everywhere.

In his eyes, everyone is important; he does not favour anyone. He loves bones with meat, which is always used as a bait in dangerous situations to get him transformed into human form to save people other than Taketo.

He is very loyal to Taketo but he doesnít show his true feelings. He gets jealous with the other dogs of which Taketo takes care of when he helps out at Luna (a pet rental shop).

A practical joker by nature, he loves to pick on Yoshiyasu, a shape shifter who thinks he is a true breed human, ( which he is not). He is loved and admired by his Number 1 loyal fan (thatís Jaxen!) because of his gentle eyes and actions. Similar to Urufu who lacks Salsaís humour, he tries to hide his hurt and true feelings, but not as successfully as Urufu.

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