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So many climbs .... . Too little time!!

Himalayan Sunrise

"Climbing is irrational act. It makes no sense. It defies logic.

It is something I am compelled to do. I am not sure why.

I am unable to explain it in any way that makes sense."

- Jon Krakauer -

Hi there!

A warm welcome to my homepage..!

This homepage has an objective of introducing to beginner and non-climber the beauty, freedom and richness of climbing and self-discovery. It also serves as a form of communication between experience climbers, as a mean of sharing their experiences, joys, frustration, hardships and dreams .... that entails in climbing.

My name is Wilfred Tok Beng Cheong. The year 2001 was a fantastic year of adventure. A heavy responsibility and a magical journey for me. A dream that comes alive as I was tasked to be the Deputy Leader of the Singapore-Latin Amercian Everest North Ridge Expedition 2001. Here I wish to share with you my 16 years of mountaineering endeavour. My passion for climbing started in 1989. With this encounter I began to practice and enjoy all forms of climbing ranging from bouldering to cragging to big-wall, alpine climbing, andmountaineering. Having this website further extend my love for the sport and the natural environment that we all live in.

I have always felt that a person who lived a little bit closer to the edge, lived a little bit more aware. Aware of how good life is and appreciate life much more than someone else who hasn't experienced the delicate nature of it. I personally think that one should pack everything he or she possibly can into life, at whatever age you happen to be, whether you are 18, 25, 45, or even 65. What is important is not to allow the people around you almost putting constraint on you. I hope there is something here that I could share with you and perhaps, draw your attention and perspective about climbing. So, read on, and find out more?

Would like to hear from you. Please give your comment after visiting my webpage. Cheers.....

Disclaimer: This page is merely designed to point you in the general direction of climbing. If you choose to go there and choose to climb, you do so at your own risk. There is no guarantee either written or implied that these activities or climbs depicted are safe. Fixed pro may fail, you may make a bad call, God may want to talk to you, either way your on your own .

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