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Millennium Three Dimensional Chess™
Millennium 3D Chess™

This web site and the associated email reflector at YahooGroups is dedicated to promoting, playing and analyzing three dimensional chess using the Millennium Three Dimensional Chess™ rules.

Over the years, there have been numerous attempts to develop rules for three dimensional (3D) chess using three standard 8 by 8 chess boards (3x8x8), however, many of these games suffered from major problems that distracted the players from the essential characteristics of traditional chess. Some of these 3D chess variations created new chess pieces while other 3D rules imposed mandatory or unusual moves. In addition, these "rules" were generally incomplete causing inconsistent interpretations. None of these game variations offered a truly playable chess game.

Because of the lack of playable rules, the Millennium Three Dimensional (3D) Chess™ rules were written with the objective of extending the traditional chess game into a multilevel environment without distorting the basic game. To this end, Millennium 3D Chess™ has not "created" new chess rules, but instead extended the traditional rules to allow for multiboard play. Other than the concept of moving between chess boards (levels), all traditional two (2D) chess rules apply.

A free copy of the Millennium 3D Chess™ rules can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. These rules are copyrighted with a registered copyright secured through the United States Library of Congress and universal copyright protection secured by international treaties with the United States. However, a free limited non-commercial license is included with the rules to permit the non-commercial copying and distributing of these Millennium 3D Chess™ rules.

Click Here to Download the Millenium 3D Chess™ Rules

Please Note: It may take approximately 5 minutes to download the PDF version of the Millennium 3D Chess™ rules using a 32,000 bps Internet connection, so please be patient as your computer may appear not to be doing anything for a few minutes. If you are still having trouble downloading the Millennium 3D Chess™ rules, then please contact me at the email address below, and I can email a copy of the rules to you directly. Important: Please make sure that you have "Millennium 3D Chess*" as the "Subject" of your email.

In addition to downloading the rules above, please join the free "Millennium_3D_Chess" email discussion group at YahooGroups by clicking on the YahooGroups link below. This free email discussion group is dedicated to promoting, playing and analyzing three (3D) chess using the Millennium 3D Chess™ rules. Use this email discussion group to post Millennium 3D Chess™ games, to request a correspondence email oppenent, to analyze a game position, or to share your comments about Millennium 3D Chess™.

Click here to join the YahooGroups "Millenium_3D_Chess" Free Email Discussion Group

Or, you can join this free email discussion group by sending an email to:

Millennium 3D Chess™ Commentary

Why would anyone what to play Millennium 3D Chess™ verses traditional 2D chess? There are several reasons. For example, during the last 500 years, there have been tens of thousands of books which have analyzed and re-analyzed the traditional 2D chess game ad nauseam. Likewise, there are thousands of computerized 2D chess games which can scrutinize and re-scrutinize every move within seconds. However, none of this chess infrastructures currently exists for Millennium 3D Chess™ which means that every player is on a level playing field when playing Millennium 3D Chess™!

Likewise, in traditional 2D chess, there are only 20 possible White opening moves, with only 400 potential positions after Black's first move. With Millennium 3D Chess™, there are 102 possible White opening moves with 10,816 possible positions after Black's first move. Even a traditional 2D chess grand master may have to rethink his/hers opening moves! Click Here to Download a Beginner's strategies/tips for playing Millenium 3D Chess™

In addition, it's very important to record and publish each of your Millennium 3D Chess™ games as your strategies may become the "Ruy Lopez" or "Caro-Kann" of this new era! The easiest way to publish your Millennium 3D Chess™ games is to join the free "Millennium_3D_Chess" email reflector at YahooGroups (just click the YahooGroups link above), or you can email the completed game record to the auther at the email address below.

All completed games will be added to the
Millenium 3D Chess™ Chess Library.

For more information, contact the author at:

Important: When writing to me, please make sure that you have "Millennium 3D Chess*" as the "Subject" of your email.

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