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Invitation to Sociology: A Humanistic Perspective 1963 (notes)

The Social Construction of Reality (with Thomas Luckmann) 1966

The Precarious Vision


The Noise of Solemn Assemblies 1961

The Sacred Canopy 1967

The Heretical Imperative 1979


PETER BERGER was born in Vienna and came to this country in his late teens. He has a Master's and Doctor's degree from the New School for Social Research in New York. After two years in the United States Army he taught at the University of Georgia and the University of North Carolina before going to the Hartford Seminary Foundation as an Assistant Professor in Social Ethics.


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Peter Berger

Reflections of an Ecclesiastical Expatriate (1248)
Protestantism and the Quest for Certainty (2884)
Epistemological Modesty: An Interview with Peter Berger (3533)
Cakes for the Queen of Heaven: 2,500 Years of Religious Ecstasy (704)
The Class Struggle in American Religion (297)
From Secularity to World Religions (488)


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Invitation to Sociology: A Humanistic Perspective
by Peter L. Berger


The Social Construction of Reality: A Treatise in the Sociology of Knowledge
by Peter L. Berger, Thomas Luckmann (Paperback - July 1967)


The Sacred Canopy: Elements of a Sociological Theory of Religion
by Peter L. Berger


A Rumor of Angels: Modern Society and the Rediscovery of the Supernatural
by Peter L. Berger (Paperback - January 1970)


Movement and Revolution
by Peter L. Berger


The Homeless Mind: Modernization and Consciousness
by Peter L. Berger


Pyramids of Sacrifice
by Peter L. Berger


Against the World for the World: The Hartford Appeal and the Future of American Religion
by Peter L. Berger, Richard John Neuhaus


To Empower People: The Role of Mediating Structures in Public Policy
by Peter L. Berger


Sociology: a biographical approach
by Peter L. Berger


Facing Up to Modernity: Excursions in Society, Politics, and Religion
by Peter L. Berger


Sociology Reinterpreted: An Essay on Method and Vocation
by Peter L. Berger


Speaking to the 3rd World: Essays on Democracy and Development (Aei Studies 425)
by Peter L. Berger


Heretical Imperative: Contemporary Possibilities of Religious Affirmation
by Peter L. Berger


The Capitalist Revolution: Fifty Propositions About Prosperity, Equality, and Liberty
by Peter L. Berger


American Apostasy: The Triumph of 'Other' Gospels (Encounter Series, No. 10)
by Peter L. Berger, et al (Paperback - April 1989)


The Capitalist Spirit: Toward a Religious Ethic of Wealth Creation
by Peter L. Berger (Editor) (Hardcover - December 1990)


A Far Glory: The Quest for Faith in an Age of Credulity
by Peter L. Berger


To Empower People: From State to Civil Society
by Peter L. Berger, et al (Hardcover - February 1996)


Questions of Faith: A Skeptical Affirmation of Christianity (Religion and the Modern World) by Peter L. Berger


Redeeming Laughter: The Comic Dimension of Human Experience
by Peter L. Berger (Hardcover - June 1997)


The Limits of Social Cohesion: Conflict and Mediation in Pluralist Societies: A Report of the Bertelsmann Foundation to the Club of Rome
by Peter L. Berger (Editor), Bertelsmann Stiftung


The Desecularization of the World: Resurgent Religion and World Politics
by Peter L. Berger (Editor), et al (Paperback - July 1999)


Many Globalizations : Cultural Diversity in the Contemporary World
by Peter L. Berger (Editor), Samuel P. Huntington (Editor) (Hardcover - June 2002)

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