Curriculum Vitae



I. Academic Record

Ph.D. (Magna cum laude) in Early Christian Literature, Princeton Seminary, 1960. Thesis: Hermeneutics of Pilgram Marpeck.

B.D., Goshen Seminary, 1954.

B.A., Goshen College, (English and History), 1952.


II. Teaching Appointments

• Visiting Fellow, Centre for Jewish & Christian Relations, Cambridge University, 1999.

• Visiting Research Professor, Emmanuel College, Toronto School of Theology, 1996-1998.

• Reader at the Centre for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto, 1996-98.

• Visiting Professor of New Testament, Toronto School of Theology, 1994.

• Research Professor, Ιcole Biblique, Jerusalem, 1994-2000.

• Professor of Religious Studies, University of Waterloo, 1990-1994.

• Catholic Biblical Association Visiting Research Professor at the Ιcole Biblique, Jerusalem, 1991.

• Visiting Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Toronto, 1986-89.

• Visiting Professor in the Dept. of Religious Studies, University of Toronto, 1986-89.

• Associate, Graduate Center for Religious Studies, University of Toronto, 1986- 89;1996-98.

• Part-time Lecturer, Humanities, Simon Fraser University, 1982-84.

• Professor of Religion (Early Christian Literature), University of Manitoba, 1969-81.

• Assistant Professor—Professor of New Testament, Mennonite Seminary, Elkhart, Indiana, 1959-65; 1966-69.

• Visiting Professor of Biblical Theology, New York Theological Seminary, New York, 1964-65.

• Visiting Professor, Moreau Seminary, Department of Theology, Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, Indiana, 1968-69 (part-time).

• Visiting professor of Ancient Philosophy, Indiana University South Bend, (part-time) 1968-69.

• Summer course at Garrett Seminary, Evanston, Ill.(1961), and at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario (1981).

• Have taught study courses in the Middle East, focusing on comparative ethics, numerous times for University credit: 1967, 1979 [jointly with Rabbi Neal Rose], 1988 [with Peter Richardson], 1989 [with Robert Assaly], 1993, [with Peter Richardson], 1995 [John Neeb]. With Dona Harvey, for the University of Toronto on Hebrew University, Mt Scopus campus, 1998, 1999, and 2000.


III. Administrative Appointments

• Pastor (half-time) September-December, 1994. First United Church, Waterloo, On. Full-time February, 1998.

• Director, Library Fund-raising campaign, Ιcole Biblique, Jerusalem (half-time), 1995-present.

• Acting Director, Advanced Degree Program, Toronto School of Theology, July 1-December 31, 1994.

• Principal, St. Paul's United College, 1989-1994.

• Director of Development, University College, University of Toronto, 1986-89.(Limited Term Assignment: to raise $1.5 million for endowment of chair in peace studies and operating budget, successfully completed).

• Dean of the Interfaith Academy of Peace, Ecumenical Institute, Tantur, Jerusalem, 1984-86:directed the study and research programme, recruited scholars, and raised money for the Ecumenical Institute. Initiated first dialogues between Israeli and Palestinian academics on peace. Brought Muslim scholars there to research, engage in dialogue and write on Islam and peace and Jewish scholars to work on Tanakh.

• Director of Development, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. 1982-84.

• Head of the Department of Religion, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, 1971-80. Began with a department of two full-time people and became a department of 11 faculty members with MA and honours programme.

• Executive Director of Mennonite Mental Health Services, Akron, Penn., 1965-66. Coordinator of a system of five/six mental hospitals in Canada and the U.S. Responsible for government liaison, recruitment of personnel, policies governing relations between church and helping disciplines and fund-raising as well as strengthening board involvement.

• Director of Summer Seminars for Graduate Students, 1963-68. Two week seminars for graduate students to introduce them to theology and questions of religious identity; responsible for some lectures, budget, staff, and selection of graduate student participants.


IV. Lectureships and Symposia

• "The Contribution of David Flusser to the Quest for the Historical Jesus, An Analysis and Critique" Society for New Testament Studies, Tel Aviv Meeting 08-2000.

• "The Contribution of Jewish Scholars to the Quest for the Historical Jesus," Cambridge University, University of Bristol, Birmingham University, Oxford University 1999. CSBS, Edmonton, May, 2000.

• "The Pursuit of Peace as an ethical Mandate in Judaism and Christianity," Cambridge University. 1999.

• The Flower of Peace in the Garden of Theology: A review of the present state of Religion and Peace studies. Toronto Mennonite Theological Centre, TST, November 1994. San Diego State University, 1999

• Bible Lectures, Bethel College, Newton Kansas (on the Apocalypse), February, 1988.

• Peace-it-together Lecturer, Canadian Mennonite Bible College, Winnipeg, March, 1987.

• Eight lectures at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, Toronto, January and February, 1987 (Adult Class).

• Ebbutt Lecture, Mount Allison University, Sackville, N. B. Fall, 1985, published under the title: "The Realism of Peace."

• Series of Ten Sessions for Interactive TV, Knowledge Network, British Columbia, sponsored by Vancouver School of Theology, spring, 1984.Topic:Jesus:Fact, Fiction or Faith.

• Series of six Interactive TV programs on the central affirmations of the Christian Faith, entitled, "Here I Stand" for Vision TV sponsored by the United Church. Served as anchor person and as co-designer. Aired nationally in spring, 1991 and repeated summer, 1991.

• Arts and Entertainment Channel, Mysteries of the Bible: Judas, The Ultimate Betrayal? December 5, 1997. Being rerun ad nauseam.

• Elderhostel, several times on the Dead Sea Scrolls, including at Conrad Grebel College, June, 1998; OASIS (Indianapolis) on Judas and also on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Later Life Learning in Erin, Ontario and many other places.

• Other series of lectures at University of Winnipeg, McMaster University, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, Weyerheuser Lecture, McCormick Seminary, Workshop on "Preaching the Parables" Emmanuel-St. Chads, Saskatoon, 1979; Bethel College, Bluffton College; Tabor College, Goshen College, and many church conferences and pastors' assemblies, including the Atlantic School of Theology, summer of 1979. Oaklawn Forum (published 1981), "The Forgiving Community Revisited," AMBS Chapel, April, 1995. Staley Lecturer Fresno Pacific University, March, 2000.

• Participant on several occasions in MCC Colloquia, e.g., Human Rights (Bluffton College), Interfaith Dialogue Messiah College, June 1994. (Published CGR.)

• Annual Symposium on Love organized by Brock University Department of Philosophy: 2000: November "The Johannine View of Glory and the Future of the Caring Community."

• 1996 prepared paper on "Love and Self-Immolation" in Religion: Ancient and Modern (Christian and Muslim Views on Self-love compared). 1995:"The Johannine view of Agape: A Flawed Legacy." (Jewish and Christian Views of Love Compared) in process of publication.

• Presenter to day long workshop on Judas, Catholic Biblical Association of Canada, November, 1997. Also at Five Oaks Learning Centre, Paris, Ontario.

• Presenter to several workshops on "The Jewish Jesus." Catholic Biblical Association of Canada, November, 1998. Also at Westminster United, Waterloo.

• "Educating for Political Change through Non-violent Actions," Arab Thought Forum, Amman, Jordan, November,1986.Also at Palestinian Centre for Nonviolence, Jerusalem, December 1986.

• Workshop on the Apocalypse of John, Five Oaks Training Centre, February, 2000.

• "What Christians want Muslims to Know about Our View of Scripture," Muslim Christian Dialogue Group (25 religious leaders from both groups from around the world June, 1995 (Renison College).

• Participant in CTVC(UK) four part series, "Jesus File" Lent, 1999.All filmed in Israel. (Showing in the US and Canada, fall, 1999 or spring 2000.

• Participant in BBC special program "The Son of God" to run during Lent, 2001.

• Portrayal of Judas in Special Documentary, British Television, "The Twelve Apostles."


V. Publications

1. Books

1962 — Current Issues in New Testament Interpretation, ed. with G. F. Snyder; Harper's, 300 pp.

1966 — The Forgiving Community, Westminster Press, 253 pp.

1968 — Covenant and Community. The Life, Writings and Hermeneutics of Pilgram Marpeck, Eerdmans, 211 pp.

1971 — Was Jesus a Revolutionist? by Martin Hengel trans. edited, Fortress Press, 40 pp.

1977 — Release to Those in Prison commissioned by the Canadian Church Council on Justice and Corrections, Herald Press, Kitchener, Ontario, 41 pp.

1978 — The Writings of Pilgram Marpeck (with Walter Klaassen), Herald Press, 612 pp.

1980 — The New Way of Jesus, ed. Faith and Life Press, 150 pp.

1984 — Love of Enemies: The Way to Peace, Fortress Press, 145 pp.

1985 — Religion and the Gift of Peace, Tantur Pamphlets.

1986 — The Realism of Peace, Mount Allison University (pamphlet).

1996 — Pentecost 3: Interpreting the Lessons of the Church Year. Proclamation Series. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1996, 63 pp.

1996 — Judas: Betrayer or Friend of Jesus? Fortress Press, 250 pp.

1999 — Giuda, Traditore o amico di Cristo? (in Italian), Milan, Bompiani, 362 pp.

2000 — The Contribution of Jewish Scholars to the Quest for the Historical Jesus. Cambridge: Centre for Jewish and Christian Relations, 2000.

2. Scholarly Articles (refereed or commissioned)

a. New Testament

• "Coals of Fire: Sign of Repentance or Revenge?" New Testament Studies, 9 (1963): 337-350.

• "Love Your Enemy. A Study of New Testament Teaching on Coping with the Enemy," Biblical Realism Confronts the Nation, ed. Paul Peachey, Fellowship Publications (1963): 153-183.

• "The Recovery of Joy," Pastoral Psychology (Dec. 1962): 16-22.

• "Vengeance in the Apocalypse," Catholic Biblical Quarterly 28 (July 1966): 300-311.

• "Jesus and the Zealot Option," Canadian Journal of Theology, (Spring 1970): 12-21.

• "The City in Biblical Perspective," Will the Church Lose the City? edited by K. Cully and N. Harper (World Publishing Co., l970).

• "Humility," "Love," "Friend, Friendship" in Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible, 5 (1976).

• "Love," "Peace," "Canon," "Atonement," "Marriage," "Mercy," "Reconciliation," "Priesthood" "Propitiation," "Holiness," articles in the Illustrated Jerusalem Dictionary of the Bible (MacMillan: Jerusalem, 1986).

• "Humanitas as seen by Epictetus and Musonius Rufus," in Studi Storico Religiosi I,1 (Rome, 1977): 63-82.

• "Foundations for Pauline Sexual Ethics as seen 1 Thess 4:18." Seminar Papers for the Annual Meeting of the S.B.L. (Scholars Press, Missoula, 1978): 159-181.

• "The Role of Jesus in the Transformation of Feminine Consciousness," Journal of Comparative Sociology and Religion (Ottawa, April, 1980).

• Three lectures given at Atlantic Seminar in their proceedings: Personal Life and Impersonal Society, (1979): 109-187.

• "The Novel Element in the Love Command of Jesus," in The New Way of Jesus, Essays in Honour of Howard H. Charles (Newton, Kansas, 1980): 100-114.

• "A 'Child of Peace' (Luke 10.6) in First Century Context," New Testament Studies 27 (l981): 488-506.

• "Musonius Rufus, Jesus, and Paul: Three First-Century Feminists," in Peter Richardson and John C. Hurd, From Jesus to Paul: Studies in Honour of Francis Wright Beare (Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier Press, l984): 185-206.

• "Anti-judaism in the New Testament: The State of the Question," Anti-judaism in Early Christianity, ed. G.P. Richardson and David Granskou (Waterloo: WLU Press, 1986): 1-19.

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• "The God of Peace" in Towards a Theology of Peace ed. Stephen Tunnicliffe (London, 1989): 121-131.

• "The Voice of the People in the Biblical Story of Faithfulness," The Church as Theological Community, David Schroeder Festschrift, ed. Harry Huebner (Winnipeg: CMBC, 1990): 140-167.

• "The Kiss as Sacred Act in the New Testament: An example of Social Boundary Lines." New Testament Studies 39 (1993): 122-135.

•"'Love Your Enemies': Some Reflections on the Current Status of Research." W. Swartley, The Love of Enemy and Nonretaliation in the New Testament.(Louisville: Westminster, 1992): 1-31.

Articles in the Doubleday Anchor Bible Dictionary 1992 (6 volumes):

• "Judas Iscariot," 3:1091-1096.

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b. Anabaptism: History and Contemporary Forms

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• "Mennonite Biblicism and Gordon Kaufman," Mennonite Life 52 (December, 1997):13-20.

c. Miscellaneous

• "Roots in Manitoba Mud," in Harvest, ed. Lawrence Klippenstein (Altona: D.W. Friesen, 1975): 7-14.

• "Current Issues in Seminary Education," The Chaplain (Publication of U.S. Military Chaplaincy), Dec. 1965.

• "The Church and Community Psychiatry," McCormick Quarterly (Summer l967).

• "The Ethics of Revolution," Proceedings of the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion 1971.

• "Religious Studies in the Public Schools: A Review and Discussion of Religious Literature of the West, Studies in Religion 1 (197l): 241-2 45.

• "Two Wise Men from the West, Canadian Identity and Religion" in Religion and Culture in Canada, ed. Peter Slater (Wilfred Laurier Press, 1977): 271-289.

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• "Religion and the Nation: An Ambiguous Alliance" University of New Brunswick Law Journal 40 (1991):87-98.

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• "Pilgram Marpeck and our Use of Power," Conrad Grebel Review 17(1999): 42-50.

3. Popular Writings

Reinhard Vogt, in Lives Lived, The Globe and Mail, Summer, 1997.

"The Virtues of the Grapefruit" in Facts and Arguments, Globe and Mail. January 1998.

"A Matter of Forgiveness," (On Bill Clinton’s problems) The Record, Sept. 26, 1998

"The Use and Abuse of Power by Christians: A New Testament Perspective," in Consultation on Issues of Power and Authority in the Mennonite Church May 24, 1997 Cheryl Nafziger-Leis, ed.26-32.

Sunday School Lesson commentaries. Mennonite Weekly Review (December 1998- February, 1999.

Active as a reviewer with the following reviews either published or in process:

• Review, David Flusser, Jesus in The Mennonite Weekly Review..

• Review of Al Keim, Harold Bender, in MQR , 1999: 404-407.

• James Dunn, The Theology of Paul, forthcoming in SR.

• James Turner Johnson, The Holy War in Western and Islamic Traditions, TST Journal forthcoming..

• Richard Hays, The Moral Vision of the New Testament: Community, Cross, New Creation. A Contemporary Introduction to New Testament Ethics. HarperSanFrancisco, 1996. Conrad Grebel Review.

• Berry and Barrington, Daddies and Daughters, in The Record.

• Gestrich, Christof, The Return of Splendor in the World, The Christian Doctrine of Sin and Forgiveness, in Interpretation 53 (April, 1999):212-213.

• Michel Desjardins, Peace, violence and the New Testament. Biblical Seminar

• Sheffield, Sheffield Academic Press, 1997. Pp 131; RSR also in KW Record.

• Harvey L. Dyck, ed.The Pacifist Impulse in Historical Perspective. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1996. 444 pp.

• Nitza Rosovsky, ed. City of the Great King: Jerusalem from David to the Present. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1996. 562 pp. Canadian Urban Studies Journal.

• Roman Garrison, The Graeco-Roman Context of Early Christian Literature. RS Review.

• Tom Yoder Neufeld, Put on the Armour of God: The Divine Warrior from Isaiah to Ephesians. JSNT Supplement Series, 140, Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1997. Pp. 182, The Record.

• David Flusser, Jesus 1997, Mennonite Weekly Review.

• Leo Driedger and Donald B. Kraybill, Mennonite Peacemaking: From Quietism to Activism. Herald Press, 1995 in Mennonite Reporter April; 3, 1995. 11.

• In the following journals: Review of Books on Religion, Journal of Biblical Literature; Mennonite Quarterly Review, Interpretation; Encounter, Studies in Religion, Religious Studies Review, Catholic Historical Review etc.

• Served as regular abstracter of Dutch and German articles for New Testament Abstracts, 1967-69.

• In addition, many popular reviews and articles for among others, Expository Times, Christian Century, Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Tribune, Vancouver Province, Mennonite Reporter, Mennonite Weekly Review, The Mennonite and the United Church Observer, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Mandate.

• "Uncle Died" Lives Lived, Globe and Mail, May 19, 2000.

4. Miscellaneous

• In the summer of 1998 and 1999 Dona Harvey and I taught a course for the University of Toronto on "Religions of the Holy Land," in Jerusalem at Hebrew University.

• I led a three day seminar for Mennonite entrepreneurs on "Excelling in the Grace of Generosity," Palm Springs California, March, 1997.

• I gave a lecture April, 1998 to the London Society of Jews and Christians on "The Heritage of the Gospel Portrait of Judas for Christian-Jewish Relations" at the Liberal Synagogue, St. Johns Wood, London U.K..

• Annual Meeting of 1998 CSBS, Ottawa. Member of a panel which discussed book by Alan Davies and Marilyn Nefsky on the churches and Jews during the Second World War.

• Serve as reviewer of manuscripts for SR and Mennonite Quarterly Review.

5. Research in Progress

• A major paper on "The Portrait of Judas in Matthew," SBL Matthew Group, 1998 

• Jewish Views on Jesus: A Beginning Point in United Church Jewish Relations.

• Workshops for Iona College, Windsor, Catholic Biblical Association of Canada and Westminster-Temple Shalom Colloquia.

• Major Paper on "The Eschatology of Jesus," for Conference on Eschatology and Apocalyptic at Bluffton College, August, 1999, published in proceedings, January 2000.

• Paper on "The South German Anabaptist Perception of and Practice of the Family," Goshen College, October 1999.Being prepared for publication.

• "First Century Drinking Cups, Jesus and Judas and the Complexity of their Relationship," preparing for a volume edited by James Charlesworth.

• Pilgram Marpeck, a Biography. To appear in 2001.


VI. Community Service and Committee Appointments

• Member of a seven-person task force, 1967-69, funded by Lilly Endowment Funds, responsible for designing a new Seminary educational model. Results published in R.T. Bender, The People of God (Scottdale, PA., 1971).

• Member of the Executive Committee; national Board of Directors, World Conference on Religion and Peace, Canada, 1988- President, 1989-91.

• President of the Canadian Peace Research and Education Association, 1989-91.

• Appointed by the Mennonite Church as representative on the Mid-East Working group of the Canadian Council of Churches (1987-93).

• Participant in many ecumenical and interfaith groups, commissions and task forces as well as member of several editorial boards (MQR, CGR).

• One of two Canadian members on the International Committee of the International Association of the History of Religions (1970-80).

• Chair, Pauline Ethics Seminar, Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis, 1979-82.

• Co-Chair (with Luise Schottroff), Seminar on "The Context of New Testament Ethics," Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, 1977-82.

• Co-chair, (with Christina Bucher) SBL Working group on "Study of Peace in Scripture." 1990-94. Brought Professor S. Talmon from Jerusalem to present a paper: "Shalom in the Hebrew Bible," the first such presentation ever made by a ranking Jewish scholar. Most Christian scholars—and there are many—who have written about shalom have not benefited from the work of their Jewish colleagues who have not been absorbed by the topic. Talmon's work is now published.(In the Jim Sanders Festschrift).

• Member of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion, 1972-75; 78-79.

• President of the Canadian Society for Biblical Studies, 1982-83, Member of Executive Committee, 1979-83.

• Member Rainbow Club, Interfaith study group, Jerusalem, 1984-86 (by invitation).

• Member, Ecumenical Research Fraternity, Jerusalem, 1984-86.

• Member, Board of Directors of the Shalom Institute, Vancouver, 1985-1990.

• Member of the Selection Committee for an appointment in New Testament, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. Spring 1996-98.


VII. Membership in Learned Societies

• Canadian Society for Biblical Studies

• Canadian Society for the Study of Religion

• Catholic Biblical Association

• Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas

• Society of Biblical Literature

• American Academy of Religion


VIII. Research Honours and Awards

• Teaching Assistant Award, Princeton Seminary 1955-56; 1956-57.

• Danforth Fellowship (Postdoctoral) in Religion and Psychiatry Menninger Foundation, Topeka KS. 1961-62.

• SSHRC Faculty Leave award, 1973-74

• SSHRC Research Grant, 1972-73; 1980-81.

• Charles R. Bronfman Foundation Research grant($12,000) for a special project, 1988.

• United Church Peacemaking Fund grant of $12,000 for assistance in preparing book, 1988-90.

• Research Scholar, Emmanuel College, Toronto, 1996-98.

• Visiting Fellow, Cambridge University, 1999.

• Research Award from Mennonite Historical Society for writing biography of Pilgram Marpeck.

• Research In Progress and Works Forthcoming.

• Book: The God of Peace: being an attempt to portray a Biblical theology of Peace, justice and creation as seen by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Further editorial work, now in process.

• Book: Peace Like a River being an attempt to popularize the Biblical idea of peace and its significance for today. "Peace From Moses to Mandela?"


IX. Personal

Born in Manitoba. Married to Dona J. Harvey. 

Hobbies: Tennis, squash, skiing, golf, hiking, baking, canning, cooking.

Greatest Joys: (grand)-parenting, research, writing, teaching.


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