The Chausie, pronounced "chow-see",   is a fully domestic breed derived from the  Jungle Cat. It is a stauesque cat; tall,    upright, medium-to-large framed, and   regal in stance with the musculature ofan agile hunter. Males are porportunately larger than the females. The breed retains a strong resemblance to its wild ancestor, but is a good-natured, loyal, intelligent, and affectionate, as you would expect a domestic cat to be. It is a highly active breed and loves to play with toys or other cats. It retains this quality into adulthood.
   Chausies come in three colors; brown ticked tabby, black , and silver-tip, which is a color unique to this breed. The coat is short to medium, dense, and relatively coarse. The tail is 3/4 to full length, and the ears are large, mobile, and can be lynx-tipped. The body is long and slender. The legs are long with small feet.
  When people get their first glimpse of a Chausie, they are immediately struck with its elegant grace and agility. This breed is built for hunting, running, and jumping, and exudes the essence of "catness" which makes felines such intriging companions.

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Jungle Cat is a generic sounding term. People sometimes assume it refers to any wild cat who lives in the jungle. However, the jungle Cat is a distinct species and is one of the largest of the small cats (genus Felis).
  The Jungle Cat flourishes in the proximity to humanity, attracted by the rodents, and were even used as hunting cats by the ancient Eygptians. Mummified Jungle Cats have even been found in Eygptian tombs. The Felis Chaus populations are stable and the species is not considered endangered.
  Felis chaus is closely related to Felis sylvestris which is widely considered to be the ancestor of modern domestic cats. For this reason the Jungle Cat is able to interbreed with domestic cats.
  Jungle Cats are exotic, wild animals. As exotics, they require special permits (in most areas), special diets, and housing to maintain them, and a commitment for the life of the animal, since many exotics don't re-home well. We do not recommend Jungle Cats or any wild animal as house pets which is why we strive to recreate the beauty of the jungle Cat in the domestic Chausie..
Wildkatz Sir Sidney,
Silver-tip Jungle Cat
Wildkatz Tarzan,
Brown Ticked  Jungle Cat
These beautiful Jungle Cats belong to Sandra Cassalia owner of Wildkatz Cattery. We have no jungle cats and therefore do not raise F1s.
If you're interested in an F1, we suggest you contact her for a healthy, well socialized kitten.
Willowind Rivers in the Desert
Brown Ticked Chausie
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