Will's Virtual Gallery

My name's Will Whitted. I'm glad that you stopped
by. Welcome to my virtual gallery. Come on in and have a
look around.

I have reflections here of several projects I've completed
over the years. You'll find images of paintings, sculptures,
some woodworking, and even a little digital art. A few of my
stories, poems, and recipes are here too. A click on my
photo (to your left) will take you on a short biographical
voyage. On that trip I'll attempt to describe myself with
glowing hyperbole such that you will be instantly enamored
of my warm-hearted humanity and agog at my capacious

Yes, I know this seems like an especially vain way of
communicating. I'm hoping that you'll overlook that failing
and enjoy getting to know me. Vanity aside, these pages
are a good way to share stuff with friends I don't often see.
Even the occasional stranger may be interested in my
somewhat-off-center aesthetic.

If you have an opinion about what you see on these pages,
I'd like to know about it.

email: will@google.com



Digital Art


Other Artsy Stuff

A word about site navigation: A mouse click on any of the images here will transport you to an enlarged view of that image and a description of the work presented there. Some images also have a bit of writing associated with them. Likewise, clicking on one of the buttons at the bottom of the page will whisk you off to a screen full of whatever the button promises. In either instance, clicking your browser's BACK button, or the ruby slippers at the bottom of the page, will bring you here again. Or I suppose you could take lots of breadcrumbs with you ... On my pages you can always go home again.

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