My Auto-Surfing Experiences

My Auto-Surfing Experiences



Everyone prefers the fastest way to be rich. Do you agree with me? Even if there is a possible easiest way, I am sure no one would like turn away that offer.

Imagine if everyone joins in the get rich quick internet residual income scheme, will anyone prefer to go to the office early morning to get pressured? Just bare in mind that internet business is just an extra income while you still stick to your present job. The idea to start your internet residual income earlier is to prepare in case if there is something happens to you in the future at least you still have another job for yourself. It can also be treated as head start to prepare your income during your old age. Always work smart and not to work too hard in internet residual income during the beginning.

As there are too much scams and tricks, the trust in internet residual income has been dropping everyday and the number of failures also increasing at the same time. But there is still hope to begin your internet residual income.

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How surfers got cheated?

Everyday, there are thousands of people joining the internet residual income scheme to earn their extra cash. But most of them don’t know where to begin. As you observed the most common ads nowadays, which have favorable taglines such as FREE, BIG BUCKS, MAKE BIG MONEY, MILLIONAIRES, BIG INCOME and many others that attracts the mums and retirees that keep their money flowing out from their savings instead of coming in.

For example, if you join a scheme that seems attractive to you, which promised BIG BUCKS and BIG PAYOUTS in six months time, these are not true. There is no get rich scheme in the internet business.
During your registration, you were asked to pay your monthly subscription fees for better facilities and tools that can make your message or advert reach millions of readers who will join you in that scheme. Internet business is not a get rich quick scheme and it is not meant to make you a millionaire or give you FREE money.


How can I choose the right money making scheme?

As I just mention earlier, there are many internet money making schemes around. However one of the most popular money making schemes is to join Auto Surfing Programmes.

But what is Auto Surfing Programmes? Auto-surfing means viewing other peoples websites as they view yours. The benefit is that you may get higher rankings in Google or receive more new business if more people view your website. The audience is perfect – people who want to earn an income using the internet. The paid auto-surfs added a twist by paying you a percentage of your earnings everyday if you viewed their sites so as to be able to compete with the manual traffic exchanges, then from these activities a new industry was created.

But why Auto Surfing Programmes?


<What you need to do is to spend some time surfing daily.>


How does Auto Surfing Programmes started?

They first started as a twist to manual traffic exchanges. These programmes would pay you a certain percentage of what they call a member level. They started with 1% daily but have of late gone crazy paying up to 20% daily. If used wisely they can be used as a good source of income. However the trick is separating the legitimate programmes from the pure ponzi.

Now unfortunately a new breed of webmasters have emerged willing to scam you by giving you unreasonable returns. Anything more than 2% is not viable as they will use other members funds to pay you. Qualifying them as ponzi schemes.


How do I protect myself from scam or ponzi Auto-Surfing programmes?

Before enrolling to any Auto Surfing Programmes you need to fully aware of the following:
• Do not be in a rush to upgrade your membership. If the programmes is legitimate then it will be there in the next 3 months so what’s the rush. If you have to upgrade please use your cigarette money and stop smoking.
• Do a whois search to find out who the admins are. I can assure you anyone hiding their identity on the net is probably trying to scam you.
• Don’t forget to do a Google when you discover who the admin is.
• Anyone paying you more than 2% daily need to prove to you where the cash is generated to pay you is coming from. Trust us even when we do our online trading it’s rather hard to consistently make more than 3% daily.
• Visit the site’s forums or contact your up line to find out if they’ve been paid. If your up line hasn’t been paid, how do you expect to be paid?
• Lastly talk to your spouse and please do not put in more than you can lose. They have very clever terms of service that include the phrase “there is no guarantee of payout”.


The most reliable money making scheme

I have been watching StudioTraffic with interest for some time now, as it holds the reputation as one of the most reliable, largest and historically sound Auto Surfing Programmes around. I am very cautious when it comes to internet businesses, but this one not only appears to be genuine, but it also has the staying power.

StudioTraffic is part of a group that has been going on a few years now, steadily expanding its business scope. And it now looks like going a long way. Since its inception, StudioTraffic has grown steadily and strongly, building up a loyal membership base. The members were very patient when a burst of growth put the StudioTraffic servers under strain, but the company got through the hump admirably, and has resumed its advancement.

The Studio group sees itself as a global trading company, utilizing the power of the internet. It remains to be seen if all these separate entities will succeed and bring in more funds to underpin StudioTraffic. With proper management, the whole group could be a big success, and so far I have no reason to think that it won’t be. I would recommend you at least have a look at what StudioTraffic offers.

For those who want a simple online program, rather than a complex business, this is attractive. Also, however, the group as a whole provides a big attraction for those who want to promote in a big way across different markets.


StudioTraffic stand out among the rest of Auto Surfing Programmes due to the following reasons:



Online Payment Processors

You will need at least one online payment processor (OPP) to send and receive money from the auto-surf programs you join. For a start, sign up and use your credit card to pay.

Thereafter, you should be able to use your profits only!

Steps :

  1. The Best of All OPP is StormPay. Click here to signup for a new free account.
  2. Next, in order to get your e-mail certified and reduce your StormPay charges from 6.9% to 2.9%, please visit NetIBA. It takes about 2 weeks time to process. - Cost : 19.90USD
  3. Once your e-mail is NetIBA certified, you may wish to apply for the Debit card. To withdraw your money from StormPay, you can request for an international cheque (takes about 1 month to clear, charges USD5 plus local bank charges). With a Debit Card, you can withdraw your money from any ATM in the world. StormPay Debit Card - Cost : 29.90USD
  4. Get ready for the exciting moments of making money online!!


Online Auto-Surf Programmes

Auto-Surf programmes allow you to invest your money, by requiring you to surf a fixed number of pages for a specified number of days. You will be paid after then.

Examples :


Steps :

  1. Sign up for a free account at first place.

  2. Login to your account and click on Surf STV. Surf the minimum required sites to be credited with 1% earnings.

  3. To ensure that you have been credited for 1% earnings, look at "Your daily earnings from using surf4spots hits" at Members Area page.

*You are not required to surf everyday. If you never surf for that day, you will not be credited 1% earnings for that particular day. Assuming you surf daily for 1 year, you will be credited 365% in total for that year.


Free Member vs Upgraded Member

As a Free Member, you will still be paid after 11 months. When your earnings reaches 10USD, compound your earnings to become a PAID MEMBER. You can then withdraw your earnings when your account level reaches 100.

As a Upgraded Member, the number of sites required to surf daily to get 1% earnings is reduced to 100sites. Furthermore, if you upgrade your account to level 100, you can start withdrawing the next new month. Assuming you surf everyday, 1 month you will earn approximately 30%, you will get back what you put into StudioTraffic after approximately 3+ months.  The rest of the months are all your profits.

If you wish to maximize your profits, you can choose to compound at the end of the month instead of withdrawing. By doing this, you could be earning more than 365% ROI a year.


How it works?

Once you registered for a free account, your account comes with $10 free, reflected under your Account Level .

You can then choose to upgrade your account with a comfortable amount, from 10USD to 15000USD. Upgrading is NOT compulsory as FREE MEMBERS will eventually get paid too after 11 months.

Every single day you when you surf a minimum number of websites, you will get 1% earnings per day.

Below shows the number of sites to surf for different account levels in order to earn 1% of the account level daily:

The minimum number of site you must surf:
Free member = 200 sites a day
$20 - $490 level = 100 sites a day
$500 - $990 level = 70 sites a day
$1000 level and above = 50 sites a day

Do not worry about surfing for a long time. When you login to your account, just click on Surf STV and it will open a new window. The surfing is done fully automatically, on rotating basis of 20seconds per sites. 200 sites will take approximately 1hr, and 100 sites approximately 30mins. I would advise you to upgrade your account with 10USD, so that with an account level of 20, you only need to surf 100 sites a day. After you had surf the minimum required sites, you will be credited 1% earnings daily.

1% earnings daily means: Account Level x 1% or 0.01

For example, your account level is 20.

Hence, 1% Earnings daily = 20 x 0.01 = 0.2USD daily


The table below illustrate further: -

If you starts from January as a Free Member and compound your earnings for 12 months.

Year 1

Account Level

Monthly Earnings

1st Month (Jan) 10

3.10  (31 days)

2nd Month (Feb) 10
2.80 (28 days)
3rd Month (March) 10
3.10 (31 days)
4th Month (April) 10
3.00 (30days)
5th Month (May) 20
6.20 (31 days)
6th Month (June) 20
6.00 (30 days)
7th Month (July) 30
9.30 (31 days)
8th Month (August) 40
12.40 (31 days)
9th Month (September) 50
15.00 (30 days)
10th Month (October) 70
21.70 (31 days)
11th Month (November) 90
27.00 (30 days)
12th Month (December) 110
34.10 (31 days)


Upgrading Your Account

To maximize your earnings, upgrade your account now! Your daily earnings depend on your account level. If you upgrade your account by 100USD, you get 1% of 100USD every day you surf just 100 web sites. If you upgrade your account by 1000USD, you get 1%, or 10USD each day. In a year that would give you a return of 3650USD. The more you upgrade your account by, the higher the premium and value of your membership. This normally takes an hour or less each day depending on your connection speed. Not only do you earn money, you also earn credits for each web site you surf.

You can use your free credits to advertise your websites, or resell them to others and make even more money. 1 credit = 1 hit when you upgrade your account by at least 10USD, and you only have to surf 100 websites with Surf STV to earn 1%, instead of 200 websites per day.


The table below illustrate further: -

If you starts from January as a Upgraded Member and compound your earnings for 12 months.

Example : - 100USD investment

Year 1

Account Level

Monthly Earnings

     Accumulate      (after compound)

1st Month (Jan) 110

34.10  (31 days)

4.1 30
2nd Month (Feb) 140
39.20 (28 days)
3.3 40
3rd Month (March) 180
55.80 (31 days)
9.1 50
4th Month (April) 230
69.00 (30days)
8.1 70
5th Month (May) 300
93.00 (31 days)
1.1 100
6th Month (June) 400
120.00 (30 days)
1.1 120
7th Month (July) 520
161.20 (31 days)
2.3 160
8th Month (August) 680
210.80 (31 days)
3.1 210
9th Month (September) 890
267.00 (30 days)
0.1 270
10th Month (October) 1160
359.60 (31 days)
9.7 350
11th Month (November) 1510
453.00 (30 days)
2.7 460
12th Month (December) 1970
610.70 (31 days)
3.4 610


Withdraw Your Earnings

At the starting of a new month, "Your daily earnings from using surf4spots hits" from the previous month is moved to your Account Balance. You can withdraw your Account Balance if your Account Level is at least 100 and Account Balance of minimum $5.

All withdrawals from StudioTraffic have to undergo StudioPay. You need to have a minimum Account Level 100 in your StudioTraffic to withdraw your Account Balance of minimum $5.

To register for a StudioPay account, go to

After registration, you will need to verify your StudioPay Account. Details on verification can be found in StudioPay website FAQ section. If in doubt, feel free to approach the Studio Live Helpdesk and they will assist you.

From StudioPay, you can then request for a local check [UOB], Wire Transfer and other gateway of payment (StormPay). The local check that I received from StudioPay only takes 1 day to clear.


My Advises

  1. If you are still confuse about StudioTraffic, it would be better if you sign up as a free member first and start surfing daily. When you are familiarize with the programmes, then you start upgrading a comfortable amount. *TIME IS MONEY* The earlier you start, the more you earn.
  2. Surf daily to maximize your earnings and profits.
  3. Advisable to upgrade 10USD when you have signed up, so that the minimum required sites to surf daily in order to get 1% earnings, is reduced to 100sites. You also get to reach payout faster by upgrading.
  4. Upgrade your account with a comfortable amount.
  5. Visit the forum often to know more about the latest changes and news. It also helps you to get familiarize with the programmes.


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