ALDRIDGES/ARLEDGES in the settlement of Louisiana

Bienville Parish, LA

Excerpts from "Biographies and Historical Memoirs of N.W. Louisiana" (1890), from the section "History of Lousiana: Bienville Parish." Copied by Joy Moore from the Shreveport, LA Public Library.

(p. 152) "Township 18, Range 6, was proclaimed in 1831, Chris. Koonce and Allen Martin buying that year. Jonathan Franklin bought on Section 14, in 1833, in November of that year. In 1835-37 the following named buyers are recorded: Jacob Miller, Cyrus Thompson, Louis Field, R. H. Bassett, Stephen Wingate, Peter Franks, G. W. Brown, Andrew Koonce, Robert Williams, W. B. Henry, Josiah Brenson, MARY ALDRIDGE, Samuel J. Hays, James and William Reed, Elkin Taylor, and R. R. Madden."

(p. 155) "In February, 1850, the names of Thomas McBride, William Brice, Orrin Barrow, J.E. Roden, Daniel Law, W.H. Snead, J. N. Martin, A. M. Rowlett, J. M. Scarborough,, T. M. Looney qualified as justices, sa Duty as coroner...." [Note: Thomas McBride and Daniel Low were affiliated with the Arledge family by marriage.]

(p. 157): The companies raised in Bienville for the war [i.e. Civil War] comprised Bienville Blues, Company C, Ninth Louisiana Volunteer Infantry, under Capt. Ben Pearce; W.B. Colbert, Lt.; J.C. Egan, surgeon. On the resignation of Pearce, who was elected lieutenant governor of Louisiana, R. A. Pearson was elected captain, and served until killed, in 1864, when Lt. Arbuckle was commissioned.... The Castor Guards was the second company... [lists all officers, then notes: " A Dutchman from New Orleans was head musician, but was addicted to drink and sleepiness, and was often in the guard house."]. The Arcadia Invincibles [was the third company].... The Brush Valley Guards... was the fourth company. [Other companies included The Sparta Guards, Capt. A.O.P. Pickens' Cavalry, Co. F of Second Lousiana Cavalry, R. B. Love's Cavalry Company, and the Old Home Guard. "Capt. "Dog" Smith had men from Bienville in his scouting command. He was engaged in running deserters and Federals down with dogs."]

"It is one of the impossibilities of history to name every soldier sent from this parish to the war. Fortunately, the writer found a parish record of those days of trouble, and from it most of the following names are taken. The list also embraces the names of several others who happened to be remembered by a few of the actors in the drama of war: ISAAC ALDRIDGE, James Adams, W. E. Allen....James B. Curry...Thomas Lowe, Wilson Lowe, Frank Loe...."


Aldredge, A.M. to Vidler, Josephine 22 Dec 1874 Book 1, p. 258

Aldredge, Charles W. to Mc Dow, Sallie 25 Jan 1877 1-280

Aldredge, P.B. to Vidler, Lorena 25 Dec 1884 1-394

Aldredge, P.B. to Brown, Lucy 16 Dec 1894 1-597

Aldredge, Willis to Sibley, Lucy 19 Sept 1879 1-333

Aldredge, Willis to Garner, Lizzie 20 Dec 1895 1-611

Aldredge, W. L. to Chance, Mollie 28 Sept 1893 1-576

Aldredge, Wm. J. to Sibley, Leutice D. 1 Feb 1866 1-144

Natchitoches Parish, LA

ALDRIDGE, Thomas P. Pvt. Co K 27th LA Infty. En. March 22, 1862, New Orleans, LA. Present on all rolls to Dec 1862. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War Captured and Paroled Vicksburg, MS, July 4, 1863. Reported in Camp for Exchange at Sjreveport LA April 1864. On roll of  prisoners of War Paroled Natchitoches, LA June 7, 1865. Res: Natchitoches, LA.

Confederate Pension Application: Thomas P. ARLEDGE. Wife: Martha Elizabeth Gregory.

Conveyances (recorded by Joy Moore, June 1999):

Register #

22977 Thomas P. Arledge to M. Brignon Tauzin, Bk 4 p. 575 division of land, 5-23-1896

24307 Arledge (est) Thomas P to Thomas W Cox, Bk 98 p. 537-538 (cont on p. 24308) divided land with  Thomas Cox, Jno Reams, Em Rachal 12-30-1898, cash sale

26180 Mrs. Ada Arledge to Jean Marie Frechide Bk 104 p 405 1-16-1901 credit deed

45408 JM Arledge to JB Davis Bk 141 p 362 4-2-1917

45748 JM Arledge to JW Cockerham Bk 141 p 642 8-9-1917

47961 Walter Arledge to Jas W Jones Jr. Bk 144 p 493 4-22-1919 sold interest in land

47963 Walter Arledge Bk 144 p 495 4-5-1919 emancipation

47963 Walter Arledge Bk 44 p 495 5-8-1919 Emancipation postponed

50597 Arthur Arledge to JM Arledge Bk 148 p 19 12-16-1920 cash deed

Index A-L, 1808-1855, Natchitoches Parish LA:

William C. Arledge to Duplenix Bros 5 Oct 1852 Bk 29 p 359 sold cotton crop

Natchitoches Marriages

1857 WM Arledge and Eliza Murphy (widow) vol 1 p 62 by John Waddell

1-13-1870 TP Arledge and ME Gregory vol 5 p 98

4-24-1898 Walter Arledge and Ada McBride vol 15 p 68

1-14-1918 WA Arledge and Buenavista Hathorne vol 29 p 208
son of Frances Teddlie and John M Arledge

8-2-1901 Ada Arledge and OF Brown vol 16 p 508 security OF Brown and FN Tauzin

6-27-1917 Elsie Arledge and AA Ragan vol 28 p 402 dau of Fannie (Frances) and John M Arledge, Clarence, LA

12-12-1917 Nettie Arledge and Roland Vercher vol 29 p 84 dau of Frances Arledge and JM Arledge

3-17-1918 Annie Arledge and JW Rogers vol 29 p 295 dau of Martha E Gregory Arledge


   (Both Bride and Groom is included in Alphabetical listing.)
Contributed by Annette Womack

Arledge, John M. to Fannie R. Teddlie  - 04/19/1888
Arledge, Ida to Benjamin F. Boyett  - 09/08/1887
Arledge, Charlie to Francis Guiton  - 10/26/1893
Arledge, Mary Florence to Francis M. Smith (m)  - 12/15/1889

Deeds, Winn Parish, LA (thanks to Gregg Davies for providing these):

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book B, p. 240-241: John M. Arledge of Winn Parish on 3 Sept 1888 for sum of $10 cash deeds unto Mrs. Oliver S. Wallace being fully authorized to purchase in her own name by her husband JT Wallace, a tract of land in Winn Parish 646 acres; land purchased from NJ Dawes Sheriff and Tax Collector in April 1886, the Record Title of which was burned in the Court House November 23 1886. Signed in presence of JR Tullos, IN Capps on 3 Sept 1888. John M. Arlege, OS Wallace [her mark x]. I authorise my wife to sign the above: JT Wallace.

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book C p. 251-252: Indenture made 14 Feb 1860 between Martin ARLEDGE of Winn Parish, LA and HW Holmes. for sum of $130 a parcel of land in Winn Parish ... Signed Martin Arledge [his mark X] Wit: James P. Oliver, TJ Haddox. Not recorded until 30 Jan 1891.

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book C, p. 421-422. Indenture made 7 Feb 1876 between Martin ARLEDGE of Winn Parish, LA and JI Holmes: sum of $250 for parcel of land in Winn Parish  200 acres. Signed Martin Arledge [his mark] Wit: JG Guyton, HL Newson.

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book D: pp. 149-150: John W. ARLEDGE of Winn Parish for $75 to Mrs. Patsy Couch, 40 acres, wit: JG Guyton and Charles Arledge. 12 Mar 1892

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book D, pp. 796-797: John W. ARLEDGE, Charly ARLEDGE, Miles ARLEDGE, HI ARLEDGE, all of Winn Parish, for $537 paid by Mrs. WF Smith wife of FM Smith (who authorized her to engage in transaction) 21 Sept 1895. Wit: JM James, TJ Arnold.

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book E, p. 12: John M. ARLEDGE for $50 cash to FM Smith 31 Jan 1896  40 acres. Wit: TJ Arnold, GP Long.

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book E, p. 502: Charles ARLEDGE of Winn Parish 25 Jul 1898 to BF Boyett for $100 , land known as the John W. Arledge land, 80 acres. Wit: FM Smith, CS Nelson (?). Recorded 5 Jan 1899. Deed cancelled by BF Boyett on 20 Aug 1900.

Winn Parish, LA Book F, pp. 589-90: Warranty Deed Charles ARLEDGE for $125 to John W. Cox land in Winn Parish known as part of the John W. Arledge estate on Beech Creek...containing 80 acres. 14 Aug 1900. Wit: CS Nelson, WJ Nelson.

Winn Parish, LA Book F, pp. 590-91: Irvin and Miles ARLEGE of Lincoln County, TX [mistake: should be Arkansas] for $537 cash  paid by Mrs. MF Smith wife of MF Smith her executors administration and assigns the following described aggregate 240 acres. "This act of sale is intended to the said Mrs. MF Smith all our rights, title and interest in and to the lands owned by our deceased father and mother John W. Arledge and his wife both now deceased." Wit: JM Arledge, Frank Arlege. Thus done and passed at Edlill, County of Lincoln, State of Arkansas on 12 July 1899. Wit: JM Arlege, Fannie Arlege.
State of Arkansas, County of Lincoln: JM Arlege appeared affirming that he was witness. JW Arledge. Sworn 12 July 1899. Recorded 21 Aug 1900.

Winn Parish, LA Book H, p. 375-377. State of Arkansas, County of Lincoln. Mrs. Fannie ARLEDGE of Lincoln Co, AR duly aided, authorized and assisted by husband John M. Arledge, appoints EW Teddlie of Winn Parish LA as her lawful attorney in fact  to act in her behalf in dealing with following lands (lists) containing 160 acres. Authorized by John M. Arledge Wit: CA Williams, ES Whit. Sworn 1 June 1901.
-Fannie ARLEDGE of Lincoln CO, AR through EW Teddlie for $320 cash by WE Kelly of Chicago, Cook CO, IL, through his attorney in fact HA McDaniel, 160 acres in Winn Parish. Witnessesd at St. Maurice, LA by SM Brian and BO McCain on 6 June 1901. Signed WJ Teddlie, JW Teddlie, Mrs Fannie Arledge (by EW Teddlie, Atty in fact), Cora Teddlie. Recorded 7 Sept 1901.

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book L, pp. 452-3. State of Arkansas, County of Lincoln. HI Arledge of Lincoln Co AR sells to Charlie Arledge of Winn Parish his one-seventh interest in parcel containing 80 acres, for $20 cash, 23 Dec 1902. Wit: Miles Arledge, HD Palmore.

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book L, pp. 467-8. Livingston Parish, LA. B.A. ARLEDGE (wife of TJ Arnold) of Livingston Parish sells to Charley ARLEDGE of Winn Parish a one-seventh interest in parcel containing 80 acres, for $20 cash, 14 March 1903. Wit: Miles Arledge, CA Arnold. TJ Arnold authorizes his wife to sign the title.

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book M, pp. 352. State of Arkansas, County of Lincoln. John M. and Miles Arledge of Arkansas to LA Midland Mill Co. Ltd. a resident of Catahoula Parish, LA, a parcel of land in Winn Parish the same land entered from the US Government by our father William Arledge about 1887 together with improvements, for $40 cash. 6 October 1902. Wit: HL Atkinson (?), EV Hillums.

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book M, p. 353. Winn Parish, LA. Mrs Ida Boyette (wife of BF Boyette) of Winn Parish, sells all of her right and title as heir of William Arledge and his wife Mary, both now deceased, that is her seventh interest in the 80 acres of land, for $20 to the LA Midland Mill Co, Ltd. Wit: WF Cotton, BF Alford, 10 November 1902.

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book M, p. 353-4 [same deed in Book L, p. 452]. Lincoln Co, Arkansas. HI Arledge of Arkansas to Charlie Arledge of Winn Parish his one-seventh interest in 80 acres in Winn Parish for $20 cash. 23 Dec 1902 Wit: Miles Arledge, HD Palmer.

Winn Parish, LA Deed Book M, p. 354. Winn Parish, LA, Charles Arledge of Winn Parish to LA Midland Mill Co, LTD of Catahoula Parish, LA, for $120 cash, 17 Dec 1903. Wit: TM Erskine, GM Wallace.

Tremont Lumber Co. Land Records, Winn Parish, LA
Submitted by Peggy Chandler Beaubouef, 2656 Hwy 1232, Winnfield, LA 71483


The following entries are taken from an old Tremont Lumber Company ledger. Tremont was a major, Chicago based, corporation that operated several mills in Lincoln, Jackson, Winn, and Grant parishes from the early 1900s until 1973.

Written on the inside cover of the ledger was the following, "Patent information entered to #1588 Inc" and the date August 14, 1914. This was the only explanation given for the information in the book. The next page was a table of contents giving the township, range, and its beginning page number.
Apparently this was land the Tremont either owned outright or had railroad right-of-way clearance through. For whatever reason, they felt it necessary to record the original patent holders of this property. Some of the dates are as early as the 1830s.

The ledger itself is a 10x16 inch leather bound volume containing 646 numbered pages. It was beautifully and CLEARLY handwritten. I have not attempted to compile the records, but rather have listed them as shown in the ledger.  Each section represented in the ledger was divided into sixteen 40 acre tracts. I have omitted sections and tracts that had no entries and also tracts that showed Tremont & Gulf Railroad as Entryman.

The value of these records lie in the Final Certificate numbers, Military Warrant numbers, dates, and legal descriptions which can all be used in obtaining wonderful military and homestead entry files from the National Archives. This ledger duplicates information given in U.S. Tract Books with one important difference   the Tremont ledger gives a better picture of who a person's immediate neighbors were, due to the way the entries were recorded in the ledger. That's one reason I did not attempt to compile the records.

The compiler of the ledger used a number of abbreviations and changed them whenever it suited him! Some of the more obvious are (G)C.E. Ctf.=General Cash Entry Certificate; F.C.=Final Certificate; H.E.=Homestead Entry; Mt.Wt., M.W., or M.Wt.= Military Warrant. Some of the abbreviations I never figured out! The numbers shown in the State Patent column ARE NOT patent numbers. As you will see, the numbers remained the same for several entrymen. Perhaps someone more familiar with these records will tell me what these numbers did represent.

The format below is the result of converting a Lotus spreadsheet to a text file. If I had all the time in the world, I would have reformatted the file. Unfortunately, I do not have the time such an undertaking would have required and therefore present it here with the hope that some use may be made of it.
The information shown below is in the order of the following columnar headings: SECTION / DESC. [qtr. section] / TOWNSHIP&RANGE / ENTRYMAN / ENTRY / U.S. PATENT / STATE PATENT.  The only thing that might be confusing is, for example, the entry beginning with section 35, NW SW, Township 18 North, Range 1 West, for entryman W.W. Robinson shown below the date is 3 Oct 1853, with the 3 shown on the first line of the entry and the rest of date on the line below.

25   SW SE  11N/1W           John W. Arledge   Ctf. 13269            3 Jul 1890   1144
25   SE SE   11N/1W           John W. Arledge   Ctf. 13269            3 Jul 1890   1144
33   NE NE   11N/1E            John W. Arledge    SE Ctf. 403 NSL   464   24 Feb 1886     1088


The following records are from the research of Joy Moore :

Marriages of Ouachita Parish La

   Willie  + Walter C Bell Jr 12-27-1945
                 Vol  55 - p 276
    Syble Ruth + Clyde Jacob Haley
             2-19-1952   V - 63  p 293
    Judith Mary  +  Randall Baker Meek
             12-28-1986   V- 92 p 722
    E C  + Louisa Coats  12-23-1875
              Vol  D   p 312
    Alvin Julius + Edna Doyline Mc Henry
            5-12-1945  p 774


    Alvin J - J A Arledge Bk 479 p 727
             Deed 1951
    Alvin J - Joseph Alton Arledge Bk 1172               p 893
Exchange     Alvin J -  Mary D Arledge Bk 878 p 187              1967
    Alvin J - Julius Miles Arledge  -             Succ Bk 1169 p 29
    Alvin J  -  Judgment 8-3-1979                           Possession
    Alvin J -  Joseph Alton Arledge bk                       1172 p 893
Exchange 1979 About this time I realized there were about three large
journal pages of conveyances that concerned the Arledges and that I did
not have time to write them all down, much less look at all of them so I
asked for permission to copy the index and it was denied so I just made
a list of the  different ARLEDGE  names that were  involved
They are
Alvin Julius
Mrs. Mary
Willie T
Joseph Alton
Doylene Mc Henry
Erasmus  C  A
J  A
Joseph Miles
Julius M
Miss W T
Willie Travis

Antioch Cemetery  Monroe  Page 7

G Arledge b Oct 26, 1853  d Nov 26, 1887
Dear Wife  I go to dwell with Jesus Christ
There to sing praises to my Lord through
all eternity

Ouachita Parish Cemetery Records Vol 1

Charles W Aldridge La  PFC  3 Armd  Div  Korea  b Apr 22, 1930 d Mar

Harold Robert Arlig
b pr 16, 1901 d May  4, 1975
Double inscribed  + Lora Hanchey
Another listed her as Lora Delores Hanchey

Arledge, Julius M b 1-16-1876
            d  1-4-1938
Double inscribed   -  Mary D Arledge
       b  1-26-1886 d 1-30-1977

Arledge Joseph A  b 1-26-1906 d 10-17-1982

Arledge E C b 10-26-1853 d 11-26-1941

Arledge  O C  b 11-15-1880  d 3-6-1941
   double  Charles  P Andrews b 7-5-1875
                        d  9-25-1951

Dan Kelly ALDRIDGE  b 5-3-1906
d  6-19-1975
Annie Dumas b 11-3-1908  d 9-19-1930

J Arledge b 2-6-2906 d Oct 1982
MaryArledge b 1-28-1886  d Jan  1977


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