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This website was designed to help people working in the floor covering industry who have been effected by health issues due to chemicals in CARPET, PAD, ADHESIVES, AND SOLVENTS. These include occupations like CARPET INSTALLERS, CARPET MILL OCCUPATIONS, CARPET RETAILERS, VINYL INSTALLERS, and anyone else that has come into contact with these hazardous chemicals.

We became interested in floor covering toxins after my husband was diagnosised with a form of Leukemia last year. What was discovered after testing was done was that he had developed multiple chromosome mutations within cancer cells which usually are not seen.

After doing some research on the internet we came across other cases of installers and employees with LEUKEMIA, LUNG CANCER, OTHER CANCERS, and NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS. I was surprised to find many articles that stated the various toxic chemicals found in these products. For example there were over 1000 different chemicals used in different carpet and pad. In addition come adhesives and solvents can also contain many toxic chemicals.

Some of hazardous chemicals that were found in different carpets are such things as Acetone, Benezene, Caprolactam, Diethylene Glycol, Formaldehyde, Hexene, Styrene, and Toulene, to name just a few.

Imagine removing carpets that are over 20 yrs old with this stuff in them and carpet dust on the floors or laying some new carpets with these in them as well on a daily basis.

I have included some websites and will be adding more as I find them about toxins or related health issues.

We also will be adding labs(Anderson Lab's) that can test for chemicals in the blood such as benzene as well as other resources.

If anyone would like to add a website or a resource let me know by email or at our yahoo group and I will try to get in on the webpage.

We also need docters who are familiar with testing and treating these types of chemically related problems since many docters are not familiar with occupational related toxics chemicals that can lead to health related problems. Instead they are treating the symptoms but not getting to the root of the problem.

Finding out what types of health related problems that might be associated with carpet, pad, adhesives, and solvents will help not only those in the occupation who already have health related  problems but also might help others in the field as well.

By being able to connect with one another we will be able to see how wide spread this problem is and what types of health related problems there are related to these occupations.

I have also added a yahoo support group so that we can communicate with one another called carpet_installers_health listed under the health/support groups.

Feel free to contact us at

or wind_decor@yahoo.com

with any questions.
Resources on Health Related problems:
Holistic Medicine
EPA Concerned of Chemical Found in Consumer Products, PFOA
Carpet Article
Name: Clayton Sherman
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