The following sites are good places to get an introduction about Islam:



Introduction to Islam

Dear brothers,
This is an individual site that I wrote to help people to view Islam, I noticed that there are a lot of people and web sites are talking about Islam, but for sorrow there is little number of credible sources that may support us with accurate information without distortion or mistakes. So I saw that I have to build this site.

Dear brothers,
Whether you are a Muslim or not, whether you think about Islam as a friend, an enemy or a religion that you don't know deeply, this site is for you.

In this site I did my best to collect accurate information about Islam from reliable sources, moreover I tell you about some useful links talk about Islam.

Dear brothers,
give your self the chance to know the truth.

In my site I'll cover the following topics briefly:

  1. What is Islam?

  2. Introduction to Islam
  3. Islam pillars
  4. Al-Shahada
  5. Islam and other religions
  6. Holy Quran
  7. Sample from Quran: THE MERCIFUL
  8. Correctness
  9. The life of the muslim
  10. The woman in Islam
  11. The case of terrorism


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