Antonio "Tony" Teoli
    Antonio Teoli was born in the late 1940s  and began his career in the Montreal Mafia as  a picciotto -soldier- under then lieutenant Paolo Violi. Teoli often sold his swag straight out of Violi's headquarters, the Reggio Bar

     In the summer of  1973, restaurant  owner Giovanni Proetti came to Violi for help. Pierre Lafleur, a deliverer that he  had fired, was showing up  and making problems in his establishment. Proetti offered Violi $500 to "solve his problem." Teoli  and  another soldier  were sent to "talk" to Lafleur. The harrassment soon stopped.

     A police Wiretap  picked  up Violi  scolding  Teoli  and fellow soldier
Pietro Bianco in August, 1973. He complained that the  two were not productive, having not brought in  any money  in the last  three days. Viola then suggested  that  they should rob  his neighbor, who was away for the weekend.

     According to informant Réal Simard, mob boss Frank Cotroni thought that Teoli was "no good." In the early 1980s, when Frank's son Francesco Jr. began to associate and spend a lot of  time with Teoli, Cotroni  ordered  Simard  to put  an end  to it. Simard  took  Francesco Jr. aside one day and explained his father's wishes.

     Teoli, Andrew Scoppa, and Vincenzo Ciancio  were picked up on  November 14, 1998 and were charged with running  an important drug network that distributed cocaine  and heroin in  restaurants and bars in the city's Villeray and Parc-Extension districts. Teoli  and Scoppa were  arrested  at their homes in Laval, while Ciancio, their drug courrier, was picked up at his home in Montreal.

     Eight kilograms of cocaine, worth  an  estimated $32 million, was seized in  the bust. Police  also seized  a 9mm revolver equipped with a silencer, $115,000 in Canadian and American currency, two Jeep Cherokees, and a Chrysler automobile.

     Police had been  investigating the  trio for over  a year. They suspect that Teoli  has moved large quantities of  drugs from Montreal  to Toronto for  the Rizzuto clan for a while now.
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