The Bonanno Connection
    New York Cityís Bonanno Crime Family has historically held considerable sway over  Montrealís rackets. For a  long time, the  Montreal Mafia was a branch of  the powerful American crime group, with a percentage of every dollar made being sent south of the border.

     It has been said  that Montreal Mafia has since gained its independence from  the  American Cosa Nostra, with business links between the two remaining, but information provided by former Bonanno Underboss Salvatore Vitale, who became a government government, indicates that the  Montreal mob may very well still be part of the New York family.

Montreal Mafia
Carmine "Mr. Lillo" Galante
(Born in 1910, died in 1979)
Giuseppe "Joe" Lopresti
(Born in the late 1940s, died in 1992)