Serero Gang
Daniel "The Arab" Serero
    Daniel Serero was born  in Casablanca in the late 1950s and moved to Canada, where he settled in Montreal. Known as "The Arab," Serero associated  himself  with  powerful  underworld  figures  and  used his international contacts to begin importing loads of cocaine and hashish.

     When  the West End Gang's  leader, Allan "The Weasel" Ross, was imprisoned, Serero filled the void. He also developed  ties with some of  Montreal's  reputed  organized crime  figures, including Frank Cotroni and Adrien Dubois.

     Serero claimed  to make  a living working as a  florist  and declared only $21 959 in salary since 1989, all while spending almost $45 000 a month! He lived in a  penthouse  in  Westmount, vacationed  regularly, wore  the finest clothing, dined  at the most expensive restaurants, and bounced around town in a Rolls Royce.

     The RCMP claimed that  Serero often  used violence to settle  his problems. His soldiers regularly threatened  overdue drug customers  and, in 1994, Richard Gleason, one of  Serero's main enforcers, was sentenced  to six years in prison for murdering  a bouncer in a bar. Gleason had met with Serero prior to the murder but it was never proved whether Serero ordered the hit or not.

     In 1995, Serero and  associate Wallace Lee set up a company that distributed 5,000 charity boxes around  Montreal  to collect  donations for AIDS research. According to  conversations recorded  by police, the scam was bring in a lot of money and Serero hoped  that they would eventually be making $200 000 a  month from the operation. "This thing is booming by the minute," Serero  reportedly said to Lee in one conversation.

     Serero was among 24 picked up by police on April 17, 1996 in  a massive joint drug ring between the Serero Gang and the Italian Mafia. The  members of  his  crew  also  arrested were  Wallace Lee, Perri  Perlini, Garbriele  Casale, Steve  Cunha, Lee  Gilbert, Roderick  Januska, Patrick Lee, Salvatore Panetta, Alain and Gérard Levy. Cunha  and Gilbert would later switch sides  and cooperate with  the government.

     Police seized  three  of the  gang's shipments during the operation - 2200 kilograms of  hashish in Montreal, 400 kilos in Toronto, and  another 500 kilos in  London - and  made  the  arrests when  the group was about to take control of 170 kilograms of cocaine.

     The 12 men were  accused of importing 3500 kilograms of cocaine and  hashish between April 1, 1994  and April 18, 1996. He pled  guilty on August 29 and, a week later, was sentenced  to 11 years by Quebec Court Judge Jean-Pierre Bonin.

     In prison, Serero refused to finish  his high school education. He told  prison officials that he  had enough contacts in the business industry that he would easily find a job upon release. Benefiting from a disposition in Canadian law, Serero was released in 1999, after serving only one-sixth of  his prison sentence. His fortune is estimated to be worth  an impressive $55 million!