Danny "Danny Boy" Kane
Rockers Montreal Chapter
    Danny Kane was born in 1969 and started his criminal career as  an  associate of the Hells Angels Montreal chapter. He served under  the  orders of Scott Steinert, who was then a striker with the gang.

     In the early 1990s, in a hasty attempt to establish itself in the lucrative province of Ontario, Hells Angel Walter Stadnik created the  Demon Keepers biker gang. The  members were  associates from Quebec  and tried to set-up the drug networks in Southern Ontario. Danny Kane was chosen as the gang's president.

     The Hells invasion, through  the  Demon Keepers, lasted only a few  months  and ultimately failed. Kane was  arrested in April
1993  in Belleville, Ontario for  possession of  a firearm. In jail, he agreed to become a paid police informant. He would spend the  next seven years gathering  dirt  on some of  the province's most powerful Hells Angels.

     Kane also had the distinction of  being  a gay biker, although he kept the fact  hidden from his associates. In February 1997, he and his lover Aimé "Ace" Simard, who Kane had  met through a gay men's dating service, were ordered by Nomad David "Wolf" Carroll to  travel to Nova Scotia and  eliminate  a drug dealer that owed the club money. Robert Mcfarlane was gunned down in a industrial park on February 27, 1997.

     The two bikers were arrested and charged with the murder and Kane's partner, Aimé Simard, turned government witness. Despite Simard's testimony, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Judge Felix Cacchione delcared a mistrail on November 11, 1998, refusing to give a reason for his decision.

     Danny Boy was now a full-fledged Rocker, the Nomads team of enforcers. He often acted as a bodyguard/driver for Nomads Normand Robitaille  and David "Wolf" Carroll. This duty enabled Kane to pick up important information on the Hells Angels that he would then pass on to police.

     On July 4, 2000, Kane secretly recorded a meeting between Robitaille and the entire Rockers gang in which the Hells Angel informed them that he had "made a deal with the Italians. The price of a kilo of cocaine is now $50,000."

     On another occasion, Robitaille asked Kane to look after his briefcase. Kane peered inside, photocopied documents and gave them to his police handlers. The documents turned out to be the gang's spreadsheets, which kept track of  how much each Hells chapter  owed  the  Nomads for drugs - except for  Sherbrooke which has  always been autonomous - as well  as the  accounts of  several  independent dealers. The spreadsheets  also showed how much the Nomads owed their drug suppliers.

     On August 7, 2000, Danny Kane, at the age of 31, was found dead at his Saint-Luc home. His death was ruled by investigators  as a suicide; Kane had poisoned himself with carbon-monoxide. At the time of his death, Kane was still facing weapons charges. He and David "Wolf" Carroll had been charged after their vehicle was pulled over on Highway 20 and police found two firearms in the automobile.

     Kane's undercover work was finally revealed by authorities on April 10, 2001. His information played  a key factor in the  arrests of 122 people in
Operation: Printemps 2001 and helped  police solve numerous murders committed by the Hells Angels and their underlings.