Donald "Pup" Stockford
Hells Angels Nomads Chapter
    Donald Stockford, born in the early 1960s, is  a long time member of the Hells Angels  and  a founding  member of  the elite  Nomads Chapter, founded on  June 24, 1995. He  was  described  as  the Vice-President of the chapter in a October, 2000 news report.

     Stockford  and fellow Nomads  member Walter “Nurget” Stadnik are among  the few  anglophones  in  the  Quebec  Hells Angels organization. The two bikers call Ontario home  and  allegedly  masterminded the Hells Angels expansion into that province.   

     Stockford was  among the over 100 Hells Angels members  and  their associates  arrested on  March 28, 2001 in  the  highly  publicized  police investigation
Opération: Printemps 2001.

     He  was charged  with  conspiracy to  commit  murder, gangsterism, and drug trafficking.

     He was picked up at his Ancaster, Ontario home. During  a search of  the  residence, according to information that was later revealed in court, police found  all sorts of  Hells Angels clothing, jewellery, photographs, and documents, as well  as  a Surete du Quebec  album containing pictures of  the entire Rock Machine/Bandidos membership.

     The  Hells Angel was  released on $210,000 bail  in  June, 2001, but was back in jail  a few weeks later, when the  Quebec Court of Appeal overturned the decision. Stockford tried  again in  December  but was unsuccessful.

     Stockford and Stadnik chose to have their trials in English and asked for the evidence against them – an estimated 500,000 pages of evidence, 69 CD-ROMS, 120 video tapes, and 70  audio tapes - to be translated. Quebec Superior Court Justice  Réjean Paul  ruled that  translating  all  the  evidence would take too long but did order the Crown to translate the summary of evidence on all counts and an index of the documentary evidence they plan on using in court.