The Dubois Gang
   The nine  Dubois brothers - Raymond, Jean-Guy, Normand, Claude,  René, Roland, Jean-Paul, Maurice, and Adrien - grew up in the  tough working class Montreal neighborhood of  Saint-Henri and would earn a reputation as the most vicious, ruthless outfit anywhere in the country.

     The organization rose  to the top of the city's underworld in the 1960s, vigorously  participating in loansharking, drug trafficking, extortion, and prostitution. Those who refused to fall in line were threatened, battered  and, when necessary, eliminated. The  Devils Disciples motorcycle gang  and the McSween Gang were left helpless as the organization took over their territories.

     According to police, between 1968 and 1982, the Dubois Gang was responsible for 63 murders, including twelve who were going to testify against the group and two stool pigeons. Their bloodiest carnage occured on February 14, 1975 (Saint Valentine's day) when Dubois Gang hitmen burst into the Hotel Lapiniere, a popular McSween hangout, and opened fire. Four men were killed and several others were wounded.

     Numerous  informers in the early 1980s practically decimated  the Clan. Several of  the brothers and their top subordinates  received lengthy  prison sentences. Very little has been written about the group since and there is little proof that the gang is still active. Interestingly, Peter Paradis, a biker turned informant, recently mentioned the "Dubois mob" in his book
Nasty Business, which might mean the gang is still around after all.

Claude Dubois
(Reputed Leader; Born in 1936, --- )
Donald Lavoie
(Reputed Member; D.O.B. unknown, --- )
Adrien Dubois
(Reputed Lieutenant; Born in 1946, --- )
Jean-Guy Dubois
(Reputed Lieutenant; Born in 1933, --- )
Jean-Paul Dubois
(Reputed Lieutenant; Born in 1943, --- )
Alain Charron
(Reputed Member; Born around 1948, --- )
Gilles Leblanc
(Reputed Member; D.O.B. unknown, died in 1976)
Yvon Belzil
(Reputed Lieutenant; Born in the 1930s or 40s, --- )
Raymond Dubois
(Reputed Member; Born in 1931, died in 1989 )
Roland Dubois
(Reputed Soldier; Born in 1940, --- )
(Reputed Member; D.O.B. unknown, --- )
Yvon "Ti-Rouge" Doucet
Carl Lavoie
(Reputed Member; D.O.B. unknown, --- )
Michel Bernard
(Reputed Member; Born around 1953, died in 1976)
Marcel "Le Chinois" Salvail
(Reputed Member; Born in the early 1950s, --- )
Normand Dubois
(Reputed Member; Born in 1934, --- )
(Reputed Member; Born in the 1930s, died in 1976)
Roger "Fon Fon" Fontaine