Francesco Violi
    Francesco, the youngest of  the infamous Violi brothers, was born  in Sinopoli, near Reggio Calabria. He immigrated to Canada in the late 1950s, a few years  after his brother Paolo. Continuing in the family tradition, Francesco became involved  with criminal activities.

     When Paolo Violi relocated to Montreal  and became involved with the Cotroni organization, he brought Francesco along as his primary enforcer and right-hand man.

     According  to police, Francesco Violi was intensely feared  in the  underworld. He had  a vicious temper that could be  sparked with the slightest perceived threat. That's why when the Sicilians
Montreal Mafia
targeted Paolo Violi, they knew the intelligent thing to do was to take out his brother first.

     On February 8, 1977, as Francesco sat behind his desk at
Violi Importing & Distributing Ltd, two masked  assailants entered brandishing firearms. He was backed  against in the wall  and shot in the face with  a shotgun. The other attacker pumped  several bullets into Violi to make sure  he was indeed dead. He was 38 years old.

     Most of the city's elite underworld figures attended Francesco Violi's funeral, which consisted of 26 flower bearing automobiles. Less than  a year later, his brother Paolo would suffer the same fate. Finally, on October 17, 1980, it was brother Rocco who was murdered by a sniper as he sat at home  with his family.  Francesco is burried  along side his brothers in Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery.