Hells Angels Trois-Rivieres Chapter
Daniel "Johnny" Royer
(Reputed Leader; Born in the late 1950s, --- )
Hells Angels
    The gang now known  as the Hells Angels Trois-Rivieres chapter was formed  in the  late 1960s or early 1970s. Known  as the Missiles, the group caused chaos through out the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area.

     They competed  against  three  other  biker gangs for drug turf: the Lacmas, the El Conquatcheros, and the Hondix. The Missiles, considered by  authorities to be far more dangerous  and violent than the others, quickly took over and the other clubs faded away.

     So violent was the club that Saint-Gédéon mayor Jean-Philippe Coulombe  publically stated  that the citizens of  his  small town, where  the  Missiles' clubhouse  was  located, lived  in constant fear of the gang.

     After  numerous  arrests, the  Missiles changed  their  name  to the  Satan's Guards  and  moved to Chicoutimi. They later moved to Trois-Rivieres where, on June 14, 1991, they became an official Hells Angels chapter. Most of their income derives from drug trafficking  and prostitution and, with the help of its puppet gangs, the club has  a firm hold over Trois-Rivieres and the surrounding areas.

Jean-Damien Perron
Claude "Macho" Giguere
Paul Magnan
(Reputed Member; Born in the early 1960s, --- )
(Reputed Member; Born in the early 1960s, --- )
(Reputed Member; Born in the 1950s, --- )
Sylvain "Baptiste" Thiffault
(Reputed Member; Born in the late 1950s, --- )
Richard "Crow" Émond
(Reputed Leader; Born in the mid 1950s, died in 1995 )
Francois "Frank" Hinse
(Reputed Member; Born in the mid 1960s, --- )
Serge Quesnel
(Reputed Asssociate; Born in the early 1970s, --- )