Leonardo "Dino la Terreur" Paccione
Montreal Mafia
    Leonardo Paccione, who would  later  receive the  nickname of  "Dino la Terreur," was born  in  the  mid  1940s. During his youth, Paccione became associated with  members  of  the  Montreal Mafia  and  even  helped  Frank Cotroni's crew dig a tunnel under a bank.

     Paccione's life was forever changed on  March 4, 1967. As he  made his escape from an armed robbery in Laval, a police officer opened fire, striking him in  the  vertebrale  column. The  incident left  Paccione with  permanent spinal cord injuries and confined him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

     Despite  being  paralyzed, he  did not leave "the life" behind him. Instead, Paccione became a go-between for  high ranking mobsters  and members of the West End Gang.

     In 1984, Paccione was  arrested  and charged with being  in possession of  narcotics with  intent to traffic. He was convicted and fined $1,500.

     At the Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci hospital in Ahuntsic, where  he lived since the  late 1960s, Paccione ruled with an iron fist. Over years, through the use of intimidation, threats, and  assaults, he maintained a veritable strangle hold over the medical centre of about 800 employees and 375 patients.

     One staff member that Paccione reportedly despised was viciously attacked with  a hammer  as she entered her residence in 1989. Another claimed to see one of Paccione's friends follow him closely in a van as he rode his motorcycle.

     By the summer of 1990, the  hospital staff  had  had enough of  the threats. They filed  a complaint with authorities, who then charged Paccione with over a dozen charges of assaulting and threatening to cause bodily harm to Notre-Dame-de-la Merci employees.

     During  the  trial, several  employees  burst  into tears  when  they recounted their experiences with Paccione. Others refused to take the  stand  all together. Paccione, witnesses said, would  occasionally strike his wheelchair into people  and proclaimed how that it was for  him to find out  employees' home addresses, if he wanted to.

     Paccione was convicted on April 23, 1992. Sentencing was delayed for over a year, since Quebec's prisons were not equiped to handle a prisoner confined to a wheelchair. Finally, on May 4, 1993, Judge John D'Arcy Asselin sentenced Paccione to four months in prison.
     Dino Paccione, his  brother  Natalino, and  underlings  Nicola "Nick" Foresta, Gabriele Taddeo, and Érik "Stone" Légaré were  arrested on  loansharking charges on April 7, 2000. According to police, the group worked  out of  the
Le Yacht Club bar on Jean-Talon East, lending people money for 5% interest  a week. 

     The  bust  came  after one  of  Paccione's  loansharking  clients, whose  initial  loan  of  $5,000 had inflated to $18,000 because of  the  high interest rate, was paid  a visit  and  threatened by Taddeo  and Légaré. The man, who had  already gave  the  crew $14,000 in  interest  payments  over  a  ten  month period, became frightened and complained to police about the intimidation.