Luigi Greco
   Luigi Greco, along with his family, immigrated to Canada at a young age and settled in the port city of Montreal.The Sicilian-born refused the new society's laws and regulations and turned to crime to make a living. He became  involved in everything from auto theft to bank  robbery and served a thirteen year prison sentence for armed robbery.

     Harry Davis, the biggest drug  trafficker in the city  at the time, saw the potentional Greco had and hired him  as a bodyguard. He  moved up quickly  to become one of the trafficker's top men and when Davis was murdered  in 1946, the Sicilian took  over many of his  rackets. He then hooked  up with  the Cotroni organization  and soon ran  the entire west side of the city for the group.

     Greco and  his partner, Frank Petrula, traveled  to Italy in 1951 to meet  Charles "Lucky" Luciano and then to New York City to visit Frank Costello, known as the "Prime Minister of La Cosa Nostra". The Montrealers wanted to make the port city the heroin smuggling centre of North America.

     The Sicilian's  position in the Montreal  underworld  rose again and, by the time  Bonanno Family underboss Carmine "Lilo" Galante arrived, Greco was the number two man in the organization. Only the Calabrian-born Vic "The Egg" Cotroni held more sway.

     The underboss ran his empire from his pizzeria, where he still performed much of the day-to-day chores. He was highly  active in gambling, loansharking, extortion, and drug  trafficking  and had an entourage of impressive criminal talent, including future Hamilton mafia boss "Johnny Pops" Papalia. He was  a major financial backer of Giuseppe "Pep" Cotroni's lucrative drug network and was also a partner in the
Alpha Investment Corporation with Vic Cotroni, Carmine Galante, Frank Petrula Max Shapiro, and Harry Ship.

     Luigi Greco and lieutenant Giuseppe Cotroni  attended the Apalachin Mafia  meeting on November 14, 1957, representing  Montreal's interests. They were  among the fortunate to avoid embarassment when police raided the conference. 60 mobsters were arrested however, leading to an unprecedented amount of police pressure on American crime families.

     In  March 1972, Greco suffered a wavering $200,000  lost  when British Customs officials seized 3,395 pounds of hashish at the Manchester port. Police in Montreal and Lebanon followed the seizure with twelve arrests. But Greco, who had financed the shipment, remained unscathed.

     Luigi Greco was killed in a horrific accident on December 7, 1972. As he and some workers were busily  replacing the floor of  his pizzeria a solvent caught fire  and he was fatally burned. The funeral attracted  an impressive gathering  of underworld figures who rushed  to pay their respects to one of the last oldtime mafioso. 
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