Nick Cotroni
    Nick  Cotroni, the  only  son  of  notorious  Montreal  Mafia kingpin  Vic “The  Egg” Cotroni, was  born  on April 25, 1964. Like Vic’s  younger brother Frank, Nick was  named  after  his grandfather, who  brought  his  family to  Canada  from Italy in 1924.

     Nick  and  his  mother  Ghyslaine  Turgeon,  Vic  Cotroni's mistress, grew up in  Miami, Florida, far away from the streets where his family watched over  a vast criminal empire. But that didn’t stop him from getting into trouble.

     In July, 1983, he  was  one  of  dozens of  people, including more than 20 Canadians, arrested on charges of running a $50-million-a-year  drug  ring  in  Florida. Also  arrested  in the bust was notorious crime figure William Obront, often referred to as the Canadian Meyer Lansky.
Montreal Mafia

     The  operation,  conduction  jointly  in  the  RCMP,  DEA,  and  FBI, claimed  that  the  gang  was responsible for trafficking 70 per cent of  the Quaalude  market  in  the  United  States  and  smuggled cocaine into Canada.

     The  following  year, Vic Cotroni  died  of  cancer. A spectacular funeral service  was  held  in  his honour that featured floral arrangements on 23 cars and a 17 brass band.

     Nick Cotroni eventually settled in Montreal, where he  reportedly frequented his uncle, alleged mob boss Frank Cotroni, as well as Frank’s sons.

     The  mid-1990s were  a  period of heartache for Cotroni. First  his wife  passed  away, and then in 1997 his 5-year-old daughter was killed by a car after she had wandered into a Saint Leonard street.

     The following decade wasn’t much better for  Cotroni either. On June 1, 2000, he was arrested on charges of extortion. Police alleged that Cotroni  and  an  associate had tried to extort $100,000 from a nut importer. Cotroni did not resist when he was arrested at a north-end Montreal bar.

     As he was arraigned on the charges, Cotroni, who was said to weigh  about 400 pounds, asked the judge for special medical treatment while in jail. Cotroni explained to the judge that he needed  a special respirator for 14 hours a day to help him breath. In response, the judge explained that  it would be best to place the accused in a jail infirmary.

     The charges against Cotroni were  dropped in  February 2001 after the  alleged  victim of  the  plot took the witness stand dismissed the idea that the  accused  had  tried to extort money  from him. The businessman  told  the  court  that  no  threats or violence  had  taken  place  during  two visits  to  his establishment by Cotroni and another man.

     Cotroni died of natural causes in December of that same year. The funeral service, which was said to consist of  a  small gathering of family  and friends, was held quietly in  Montreal away from prying eyes.