Nicodemo Cotroni
Montreal Mafia
    Nicodemo Cotroni, the oldest son of mob boss Frank Cotroni, was born on  April 23, 1955. He was named  after his grandfather, who also bore the name Nicodemo.

     Of  Frank Cotroni's four  sons - a fifth, Paolo, was  murdered  in 1998 - Nicodemo is seen by authorities as the most likely candidate to follow in his father's footsteps and replace him as a Mafia chieftain.

     He is  also the principal owner of
Expotronique, a video lottery machine company  based  at  8085 Champ-d'Eau  street  in  Saint-Leonard. Over the years, numerous mobsters have claimed to work for the business, including  Paolo "Paul" Cotroni, Jos Di Maulo, his brother-in-law  Raynald Desjardins, and Vincenzo "Jimmy Rent-A-Gun" De Santis.
    In the summer of 1975, Nicodemo Cotroni  married the daughter of  Robert "Bob" Tremblay, a well known underworld figure in Montreal and top associate of the infamous Lucien Rivard.

     Cotroni, along  with  his  father  Frank, Anthony  Volpato, Guido Orsini, and  Domenic  Cordeleone were  tracked by  police  when  they took  a trip to Italy  in the  early 1980s. It  is unclear  whether the  group was there vacationing or on criminal business, namely drug trafficking.

     Nicodemo Cotroni was  reportedly very close with Réal Simard, a French-Canadian thug that Frank Cotroni took under his wing  and transformed into a  Mafia hitman. But when Simard was  arrested for murder and flipped, there was no incriminating information he could pin on him.

     Since  around  this  time, Nicodemo Cotroni's right-hand  man  has  been Tony Vanelli. Vanelli  and Moreno Gallo were convicted of the murder of Angelo Facchino in the 1970s. Vanelli has also become a part owner of
Expotronique, Cotroni's video poker company.

     The two were  among nine people charged on  May 18, 1988, when  authorities busted  a gambling operation. About 200 illegal poker machines were seized from  numerous bars  and restaurants  around the city. Cotroni and Vanelli were named by officials  as the heads of  the operation  and 
Expotronique was among the establishments raided by police.

     Cotroni  was  arrested  again  five  months  later, On October 14, this time for  allegedly  running  a gambling den.

     On August 3, 1993, his car, parked in front of
Expotronique, exploded, causing  sufficient damage to the  building. The bombing was  interpreted in the  media  as  a possible warning to Cotroni. A week later, on  August 11, another  bomb  exploded  in  front  of  the  company, causing further damage. An employee, who was in the building  at the time of  the explosion, was not  harmed. The damage caused by the two bombings was estimated at $400,000.

     Police arrested Bruno Boutin and Christain Caron, two reputed Hells Angels  associates, on October 20, 1993  and charged them with the bombings. The two pleaded guilty  and  were  sentenced  to  two years less a day and 30 months in prison, respectively.

     According  to  information  published  by 
La Presse, Boutin  and  Caron were  reportedly  hired  to perform the bombings by Cotroni himself, so he could collect on the insurance.

     In November 2000, police  again broke  up  a  gambling  ring  headed by Cotroni  and Tony Vanelli. More than 100 illegal video gambling machines  and one kilogram of hashish was seized during raids on 52 businesses  around  Montreal. Police said  that each  machine likely  generated $500-600 in  profit  a week, with the money being split 50/50 between the mobsters and the business owners.