Rockers Montreal Chapter
Stephen Falls
  Stephen Falls is  among the  few  in the  Hells Angels organization in Quebec with  an  anglophone family name. He joined the  Rockers biker gang  sometime  in  the  early 1990s. Perhaps he  was  even  among the group's founding members, when  the  club was  formed on  March 26, 1992.

     Falls, fellow  Rocker  Paul "Fon  Fon" Fontaine, and
striker  Sylvain Maheu were stopped by Surete du Quebec officers on May 24, 1995 as they drove  along  Highway 30, near  Montée Sainte-Julie, on the south-shore of  Montreal. The driver of  the Ford Contour, Stephen Falls, was allegedly going 131 km/h. 

     Falls  and Fontaine supposedly refused to exit the vehicle and locked
their doors. Officers then broke a car window and proceeded to arrest the two Rockers. Fontaine had a  loaded firearm stuffed into his belt  and police found two other firearms in the  automobile. All three men were placed under arrest.

     Aimé Simard, a Hells Angels  associate who turned  government  informant, claimed that Falls was involved in the brutal beating of 19 year old Sylvain Brazeau. Brazeau, a drug pusher with connections to the Rock Machine, was beaten with baseball bats on  March 30, 1997. Also charged in the  incident were Kenny Bédard, Daniel Saint-Pierre, Jean-Claude Saint-Pierre, Pierre Toupin, Jean-Pierre Dumont, and Sylvain Liboiron.

     Simard  also  told  police  that  Falls, Gregory Wooley, Pierre  Provencher, Daniel Saint-Pierre, and Patrick Ménard Pascone conspired in the  March 28, 1997 murder of  Rock  Machine  associate Jean-Marc Caissy. Simard, who  admitted  to  shooting  Caissy five  times  in the face, claimed that the five helped plan the murder.

     Falls  and the  others were  charged  with  the crime. On the  stand, Simard testified that Falls  and Provencher gave  him the  order to  murder Caissy. Falls  allegedly  also told  the witness that their job was to murder  Rock Machine members  and  associates, as well  as to  abduct rival drug dealers  and torture them into giving up their drugs, cash, and guns.

     The trial  lasted four  months. The  jury, which  consisted  of seven  men  and five women, found Simard, the prosecution's main witness, to be unreliable  and, after five days of  deliberation, acquitted all five defendants.

     Falls  was  among  the  over 100  Hells  Angels  members  and  associates  charged  in
Opération: Printemps 2001 on  March 28, 2001. But, unlike  most of  the  others, Falls carefully  avoided capture and went into hiding. He is still at large and is charged with eight murders and gangsterism.