Vincenzo "Jimmy" Di Maulo
    Vincenzo "Jimmy" Di Maulo, Jos' older  brother, was born in 1938. He became very successful  and, by the 1960s, owned a tavern, the Di Maulo '67, and  a night club, the Le Petit Baril.

     The Di Maulo brothers played  an important role in the  Mafia's war against Richard "Le Chat" Blass  and his violent band. On May 4, 1968, Blass henchmen were Gilles Bienvenue  and Albert Ouimet were shot to death by asked gunmen after exiting Jimmy's night club.

     Three days later, on May 7, Roger Larue, a member of  Blass' gang who had vowed  revenge for  the death of  his comrades, had  a heated argument  with the Di Maulo brothers  at the 
Le Petit Baril night club. Larue was murdered hours later.
   Next came Robert  Allard, recognized  as Blass' right-hand  man. On  May 6, 1969, Vincenzo Di Maulo, Joseph Armini, and Nicola Leo pumped  a dozen bullets into Allard in front of  a bar. Dozens of people witnessed the killing  and the three were  arrested. Di Maulo, who had no criminal record, pled guilty to first degree murder in April 1970  and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Armini and Leo fought the charge but were also convicted.

     Di Maulo was paroled in May 1981 and began to build  a financial empire that the  RCMP would evaluate at 15 million dollars. He established eighteen companies, including a condominium complex, as well as several properties. Through his businesses, police claim, he laundered large sums of cash for many mobsters, including members of the Dubois Clan  and Richard "Dick" Foley, an influential member of  the  West End Gang. He also socialized with businessmen, lawyers, and politicians  and made  many generous contributions to charities, including  an annual golf tournament  where profits went to a Saint-Laurent hospital.

     Di Maulo was among the 57 underworld figures arrested on August 30, 1994, the results of  a 4 year RCMP undercover sting. The Mounties established a phony money-change house at the corner of  Peel street in 1990 that succssfully lured some of  Montreal's top criminals. 558 kilos of cocaine was  also seized in the operation. Di Maulo  was charged  with 46 counts of  money laundering  and drug trafficking.

     With Jimmy Di Maulo facing a lengthy prison sentence, loyal friends did what they could to help him. On July 4, 1995, Fernando  De  Francesco  approached  police  officer  Jocelyn Chagnon  and promised him $100,000 if  he could convince the prosecutor to reduce from 12 years to 8 years the sentence he was pursuing.

     Chagnon feigned interest and met with De Francesco and Ricardo Di Massimo several times. All the  meetings  were filmed by police. The negotiations concluded  with Micheline Kemp, Di Maulo's wife, delivering $15,000 as a down payment.

     Police  arrested Kemp, De Francesco, Di Massimo, Valentino Morielli, and Jimmy's brother  Jos on August 17, 1995, on bribery charges. The proof against Jos Di Maulo and Valentino Morielli was paper thin  and the two were released for lack of evidence. Kemp pled guilty on  June 26, 1997  and was liberated on "time served". De Francesco and Di Massimo received 18 month prison sentences.

     Jimmy Di Maulo  admitted on March 12, 1996 to laundering  more than $10.5 million from 1990 to 1994 through the RCMP's phony money-change house. He also recognized his role in a operation to import 2500 kilos of cocaine from Columbia into the country. He was sentenced to 12 years.
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