Wolodumyr "Nurget" Stadnik
  Wolodumyr Stadnik, called "Walter" or "Nurget" by  friends, was born on August 3, 1952 to parents Andrew and Valentina. His father worked as a tree-cutter and the family lived in Hamilton's working class North End.

     Stadnik, along  with his two older brothers, Eric and Gordon, attended Hill  Park  Secondary  School. Classmates  remember him  as  a quiet boy who spent a lot of time in the automotive shop.

      After school, Stadnik  belonged  to  a youth gang for  a short  period, before joining the  now defunct  Wild Ones  Motorcycle Club. The  gang, based in  a clubhouse on Hamilton Mountain on  West Avenue, sold drugs and was often used as enforcers for the Italian Mafia.

     In 1978, Stadnik  and another  Wild Ones member  travelled to Montreal to present  themselves to the  newly established  Montreal  Hells Angels Chapter. But the  Outlaws biker club, the Hells  Angels arch  enemy, learned of  the meeting  and sent  a hit squad  to Quebec. As Stadnik  and his friend sat drinking in  an east-end bar, hitmen  walked into the establishment  and blasted at the two Wild Ones. Stadnik was left untouched but his friend was killed. 

     After three  Wild Ones  were murdered  and another seriously injured in  a four month period, the gang  dissolved. Stadnik became a 
hang around for  the Hells  Angels Montreal Chapter and, on May 26, 1982, he was formally inducted into the organization.

     Statnik  was almost killed on September 8, 1984  as he and a  group of  Angels rode their bikes. A priest, rushing  to see the Pope's  visit to Montreal, ran  a stop sign and crashed into the pack. Angels
Hells Angels Nomads Chapter
prospect  Daniel Mattieu  was killed  and Stadnik  received severe burns  and lost several fingers. The priest escaped unharmed.

     As the  Angel laid recovering in  Hamilton's St. Joseph's Hospital members of the 13th Tribe  biker gang of  Halifax flew over  and stood guard  during visiting hours. The display earned the club their Hells Angels

     Walter Stadnik  was  arrested on  August 23, 1988, at t he home of  Douglas Freeborn, former president of  the Hamilton chapter of  the Satan's Choice. Both individuals  were charged  with possessing  about 11 ounces of  hashish for  the purpose of trafficking. He  was acquitted of all charges in November 1989 when Freeborn admitted that the hash seized belonged to him.

     "Nurget" was  stopped in  January, 1992, at  the Winnipeg airport with  more than $80,000 cash in  a  bag. He  was charged  with possessing the  proceeds of crime but was acquitted during the trail.

     In 1993, as Stadnik  and some  associates drank in  Winnipeg's
Rolling Stone bar, two  off-duty  police officers entered. The duo began  verbally taunting  the group  until the  manager kicked  them out of  the establishment. Later on, when the bikers left, the cops were outside waiting. A brawl errupted and Stadnik was again  arrested. He  was  again  acquitted however, when it  was discovered that police had started it.

     Stadnik, who served eight  years as the club's national president and was extremely influential, left the Montreal chapter and was one of  the nine founding Nomads chapter members. The group, led by Maurice "Mom" Boucher, comprised the club's elite members and their mission was to establish Hells Angels chapters in Onatrio.

     The influential Hells Angel still calls Hamilton home. Stadnik lives in  a modest red-brick bungalow in a quiet neighborhood and also has a residence in Sorel, Quebec. He attends church on Sundays and works out regularly. He owns several Harvey Davidsons motorcycles and wears tailored clothing and custom-made  jewelry. He  avoids the  spotlight  and  remains on close terms  with national  president Maurice "Mom" Boucher.

      Stadnik, who has successfully avoided serious jail time, was  among the over 100 bikers rounded up in
Opération: Pringtemps 2001. He  was arrested in Jamaica while lounging by the pool at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He faces 13 counts of murder and could spend the rest of his life in prison.