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In the world of Ruin Mist, three heroes--Vilmos a would-be magician in a time when magic use is a crime punishable by death; Seth a warrior elf and a direct descendent of Queen Elf; and Adrina a princess of a dying kingdom--set out on an epic journey of discovery only to find that at the end of their journey nothing is what they thought it was and that their world and themselves are undergoing a transformation that will change everything. Survival in a changing world depends on their ability to adapt and if they fail fate may not be so kind as to kill them?there are worse fates than death. Just ask Princess Adrina, she lives when the kingdom around her and everything she touches is dying or long since dead.

What amazed me about this book is that Robert was able to draw me into the story very early and keep my attention throughout. This rarely happens nowadays but it did here and the experience was magical! I went on to read 'Ruin Mist: Elf Queen's Quest (Ruin Mist Chronicles Series)'. Robert's writing is truly original--at least in my reading. I highly recommend these books and you'll definitely be able to get in at the start of something wonderful!
In 'Keeper Martin's Tale (Ruin Mist Chronicles Series)', you enter a world rich in history and excitement. These story tells the tale of Vilmos (a youngster with a dark beginning), Adrina (a sad princess) and Seth (a warrior elf). The story's sharp wit and clever mixing of history to make Ruin Mist seem utterly real reminded me a great deal of Tolkien's Hobbit. It is ultimately a simple story in the complex framework of a rich world with wonderful characters.  Like Tolkien, Robert has developed an entire history for his world that makes it a magical place to visit. The deeper, darker path through Ruin Mist is made available as 'Ruin Mist: Elf Queen's Quest (Ruin Mist Chronicles Series)' and the first time Vilmos gets sucked into the Underworld, you'll know what I mean when I say that Robert Stanek is one of my favorite--if not my favorite--authors today.
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