Thanks for visiting! God bless you!

Are you speaking in one of the languages below?
Would you please give correction if they were wrong.

Chinese Xie xie ni lai! Yen Zhu chu fu ni! 感谢参观! 上帝保佑你!
Czech Dk pro hostujc! Bh žehnat ty!
Danish Tak for besge! Gud velsigne dig!
Dutch Bedankt voor het bezoek! God zegent u!
Esperanto Gracias por visiting! Di ben vi!
Finnish Thanks for visiting! Jumala sinua siunatkoon!
French Merci pour visiter! Dieu vous bnissent!
German Dank fr das Besuchen! Gott segnen Sie!
Greek ! !
Hungarian Ksznm for visiting! God ld you!
Indonesian Terima kasih atas kunjungannya! Tuhan memberkati!
Italian Ringraziamenti per visitare! Il dio li benedice!
Japanese Goran ni natte arigatou gozaimasu! Syu no syukufuku ga arimasu you ni!
訪問のための感謝! 神はあなたを賛美する!
Korean Yogi osyoso gamsahabnida! Hananim Dangsinel Chukpok habnida!
기항을 위해 감사 ! 신은 너를 강복한다 !
Latin Thanks enim visiting! Deus bless vos!
Norwegian Takk for besket! Gud velsigne deg!
Portuguese Agradecimentos para visitar! O deus bless o!
Romanian Mulumiri for visiting! Dumnezeu bless you!
Russian ! !
Slovak Thanks for visiting! God zehnat ona!
Spanish Gracias por visitar! El dios le bendice!
Swahili Shukrani kwa visiting! Mungu akubariki!
Swedish Tackar fr beskande! Gud vlsigna dig!
Thai Kob kun krab Ѻ ᷹ visiting! Prachao kum krong!
Turkish Tesekkr for visiting! Allah bless you!
Ukraine Thanks visiting! bless !

The bold sentences are absolutely the right translation. The others are still in prediction. Any body wants to give comments or the right translations or confirms them, please don't hesitate to send me your message. Thank you for your assistance in advance!

Still under construction, please visit often if you have a spare time from your precious times!

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