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Magical Properties of Herbs


GENDER: Masculine
PLANET: Sun or Venus

Good as a meditation incense for centering.


Plant camomile in your garden to be the guardian
of the land, and you will have certain success.

The strong association chamomile has with the Sun
is an underlying indication of its modern usage.

Through incense or ritual drink it is used to assist
a priest's call upon a Sun god
(working with any of the solar deities).
Some traditions have used chamomile at Midsummer
to give honor to the Father of Nature.

Useful in solar holidays, chamomile
has been incorporated into Yule traditions.

Options are endless, ranging from using
it as a bathing herb for the male chosen
to represent the newly born Sun
to powdering it and spooning onto burning coals
to cense the temple area and prepare it
for a celebration of solar magick.

Chamomile, though not commonly recognized
for it's magick, carries the magick
of success and may be included in most recipes.

anthemis nobilis
matricaria chamomilla

From "A Modern Herbal" and Full Moon Paradise

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