About Us

Witchhammer Production has been founding in 1999/2000 era By me ‘Jerasak C.’ At The Mighty HellSiam Empire. The first Evilassault released was the cult compilation tape called’Only Christian Die.’(limited 300 copies.).that time still have only D.I.Y. tape. In the same year. I’m and my’s BlackwargoatVomit Bloodbrother ‘Perasut C.’ has been decided to making them’Witchhammer Prods.’ In seriously works here. this time have only released in pro-tapes format in limited not over 200-500 copies handnumbered. And also have some releases licensed stuffs as well(Tapes only.) Of course now everyone can called to my’s lable was the Tapes lable!!! But in the future Witchhammer Prods . will be have more stuffs like Vinyls and Cds.(only limited edition.)And only intensely releases for 666 totally underground metal styles like satanic Black/War/Brutal/Death/Gore and Thrash Metal and the true Heavy Metal. Of course “Witchhammer Production .” was 666 totally the true underground metal maniac. “Chains ,Leathers,Spikes, and Bullets.”



    Jerasak C. WargoatDirector Of Doom1 and Editor of Both u/g ‘zine ‘Infernal Demon’zine & ‘You Died’zine.

Playlist (15-Aus.-03.)
1.Venom’Black Metal.’
2.Sodom’In The Sign Of Evil & Obsessed By Cruelty.’
3.Blasphemy’Fallen Angel Of Doom &God Of War.’
4.Metalucifer’Heavy Metal Chainsaw.’
5.Sabbat’s Brazilian Demonslaught.’ 7” Ep
6.Surrender Of Divinity’Immolating The Son Of The Whore.’7”Ep.
7.Impiety’Salve The Goat: Iblis Exelsi.’’7”Ep.
8.Abhorer’Upheaval Of Blasphemy.’7” Ep
9.Farscape’Demon’s Masscra.’
10.Bathory’The return….’
12.Manowar’King Of Metal.’
13.Machetazo’Trono De Huesos.’
14.Bestial Warlust’Vengeance war’Till Death.’
15.Flame ‘demo 2000.
16.Vomitor’Bleeding The Priest.’
17.Gorgon’Savage The Fox’ 7” Ep.
18.Goatvomit/Kartornas’s split tape.
19.Morbosidad’ s/t album.
20.Nocturnal’Thrash With The Devil’.
    Perasut C. ‘WargoatDirector Of Doom 2 and WarKingTigerChristcrushing.’

Playlist (15-Aus.-03.)
1.Kreator ‘Pleasure To Kill.’
2.Desaster ‘Divine Blasphemies.’
3.S.O.D. ‘Immolating The Son Of The Whore.’ 7”Ep.
4.Witchburner ‘German Thrashing War.’
5.Riot’Thunder Steel.’
6.Metalucifer ‘Heavy Metal Chainsaw.’
7.Death Angel ‘Ultraviolence.’
8.Bathory ‘ s/t.’ and The Return……’
9.Impiety ‘Skullfucking Armageddon.’
10.Naglfar ‘Sheol.’