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Chili around the world: 21 countries (plus outer space) and counting...

Antarctica (1) Australia (1) Canada (4) Denmark (3) Finland (2) France (1)

Germany (2) Great Britain (2) Hong Kong (1) Iceland (1) Italy (2) Japan (1)

Mexico (1) Netherlands (4) Niue (1) Norway (2) Outer Space/NASA (6) Sweden (4)

Switzerland (2) U.S.S.R. (1) Texas (9) United States (60)

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Chili in the great state of Texas... mmm-mmm good!

The Official Home of the Surfin' Chili Chili Cookoff Team, Fine Purveyors of Chili since 1990. With a base of operations in the Clear Lake area of Houston, Texas, Surfin' Chili is arguably one of the greatest cookoff teams ever to appear at the NASA/Johnson Space Center Flight Operations Directorate (FOD) and Space Transportation System Operations Contract (STSOC) Chili Cookoffs.

Larry Joe Taylor's 9th Annual Texas Music Festival & Chili Cookoff in Glen Rose, Texas at the Tres Rios Campground, April 1997.

The Houston Beer Guide featuring microbreweries, brewpubs, and various Texas brewers and guides to beer.

Ted Rockwell's Original! Texas Road-Kill Chili: This is REAL Chili - - So, No... There Ain't No Beans!

Do Science Fiction Fans and Chili Cookoffs mix? Find out at The Second Occasional LoneStarCon Science Fiction Convention & Chili Cook-off, Variously known as The 55th World Science Fiction Convention and the 1997 Worldcon.

Come visit the Republic of Texas Chilympiad, the men's state chili cook-off championship, held in San Marcos, Texas, the third week-end in September every year. Almost 600 entries at the largest chili cookoff in the world!

Come to the Tres Chic of Texas Salsa Stop! Lotsa salsas, gift boxes, cookbooks, and samplers.

Bowl of Fire: Texas Chili is an excerpt from Moon Travel's "Texas Handbook", describing the origin on chili and a bit about Terlingua.

The Houston Hot Sauce Festival isn't until September 2000 out at the Houston Polo Club ("Featuring the hottest hot sauce, salsa, fiery food and non-food products!"), but proceeds go to a good cause, cancer research.

Texas Celebrity chili #1: NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Y. A. Tittle (Giants, 49ers) Hall of Fame Chili: "The Real Taste of Texas!"

Texas Celebrity chili #2: Racing legend A. J. Foyt's 500-Mile Chili

Chili around the good ol' US of A!

From the heart of Arizona comes The Jalapeno Cafe page, featuring loads of chili sites.

"Just a Taste Away From Virtual Pain:" the CyberSauce Home Page

Tulsa Cowboy's Home Page:"where to learn the fine art of burning out the roof of your mouth, stomach lining, and other ananatomical parts very quickly..."

"FireGirl is the hottest super hero ever. She eats habanero peppers for strength and drinks her own private hot sauce, Psycho Bitch, when she needs to fight off mean, evil forces." Plus, she has a link to the Surfin' Chili site!

Yahoo has a category just for Chili. Needless to say, my site is better. They also have a good listing for Hot Sauces.

Straight from Exit 109 off the Garden State Parkway in NJ comes =Marks Hot~Links, including the infamous song Ring of Fire. "I sat down on a burnin' ring of fire..."

The (un)Official Hoosier Chili Page: "Welcome to the world of chili cookoffs and chili in general. Hopefully you will find this useful and enjoyable."All sorts of info on chili terms, cookoffs, stories, places, and other fun stuff.

Welcome to Steve's Hot Sauce Links! From this page he will link you to web sites with lots of sauces and chiles to stimulate your endorphins.

Shaboom's Red Hots page..."OH, that beautiful bowl of blessedness! Chili it seems has many origins, spiritual, legendary, cattle trails, Texas prisons; but no matter, no other food has inspired the passionate following as Chili."

The Pepper Fool has a number of good pages, including chili recipes like A Red Chili Nightmare (includes 2 tb Lard and 1 tb bacon drippings), Black Hole Chili, and something called Pumpkin-Turkey Chile.

SOAR: The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes has a listing of nearly 1000 different chili recipes. This should be your first stop for recipes.

The officially official International Chili Society home page at (no, really!), featuring the World's Championship Chili Cookoff® from Reno, Nevada, in October. (Not to be confused with arch-rival CASI.)

Don't forget about the Chili Appreciation Society International page at, host of the original Terlingua International Chili Championship©. (Not to be confused with arch-rival ICS.)

USA Celebrity chili recipe #1: Don Henley

USA Celebrity chili recipe #2: Walt Disney

USA Celebrity chili recipe #3:Former Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater

USA Celebrity chili recipe #4: Liz Taylor

USA Celebrity chili recipe #5: Glenn Campbell

USA Celebrity chili recipe #6: James Beard

USA Celebrity chili recipe #7: Kevin Nealon

USA Celebrity chili recipe #8: Linda Purl

USA Celebrity chili recipe #9: Polly Bergen

USA Celebrity chili recipe #10: Rosalyn Carter

USA Celebrity chili recipe #11: U.S. Army Chili (1896-1944)

"The truly wonderful thing about chili is that everyone can make it, for it is one of the few true examples of cooking that takes no skill whatsoever." For more of this, visit Merrill Shindler's CHILI CON CARNE page.

A whole mess of Chili-related Resources and Recipes: books, chili and chili societies, hot stuff, recipes, and Mexican recipes.

"It’s obvious Chugwater, Wyoming isn’t just another small town peppered on the prairie. In fact it’s the spiciest spot along the trail now with the explosion of the famous Chugwater Chili."

"Chili is a hotly debated subject, with its own body of myth and folk lore. Everyone thinks their chili is the best, and I think that's what makes it special." Visit Wayne Allen's Chili! page.

Some serious-sounding Chili Competition Notes from Jim Bardsley.

And of course the official International Chili Society Cook-off Regulations. The Official Rules and Regulations for Cooks at the World's Championship, State, Regional and District Chili Cookoffs.

No chili page is complete without the CHILE-HEADS home page, and home to the CHILE-HEADS mailing list. "Welcome to the Chile-Heads home page. Almost everything you might want to know about chile peppers is here!"

"The Virginia Beach Pepper Lover's Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to over-indulgance of capsicum-laden fare, spreading of chile lore, support of the SPCA (Society for the Preventention of Cruelty to Animals), and the general merriment for all."

The Big Bruce's Gunpowder Foods Home Page: "Flavor with an attitude. (The attitudes are Well Mannered, Sassy, Rude, Outrageous and EXPLOSIVE)."

Chile Today - Hot Tamale: Featuring Chile of the Month and Hot Sauce of the Month Clubs as well as dried chiles and featured sauces!

How to raise money for charity while having a wonderful time: check out the Green Chili Association, providing chili cookoffs for charity in the Las Vegas area.

David Sceppa's Favorite Non-standard Chili Ingredients.

Welcome to the World Famous Le Musee du Cyberchile chez Ragnar, where they will be bringing to the public, for the first time on view the elegant cyber-chiliart of Biz Kellam, aka "Webbabe".

Great Chili: A Page Devoted To The Fine Art of Chili. "Where did Chili (or Chili Meat) originate? There are probably as many different legends translated into "facts" by many) as there are various types of chili. Some say it was born in San Antonio, Texas prior to the Civil War. Others swear it was a product of the Texas penal system to cover up the poor tasting meat being served to their guests."

Visit Judy Howles' Flavors of the South page, featuring chili recipes and HOT links!

Here's a list of those sites on the Ring of Fire, one of the many WebRings. Click on one and follow the links to the next one!

Ron and Linda Green's Famous 7th Annual Chili Cookoff & Beer Tasting Celebration: This party has seen it all, Singing Generals, Tarzan, Flying Women, Golden Knights, Uninvited Guests, etc... The awards to be given include "Most likely to burn through the bowl" and "Most likely to sleep alone".

For some reason, I keep getting e-mails from people asking for something called "Cincinnati Chili". So I checked it out on the web. Here's Dixie Chili from Kentucky. Now, to me, if it's got spaghetti, it ain't chili, but who am I to judge?

OK, how could I resist putting this page up? It's the home page of the Chili Fire Department, Inc. of Chili, NY (a suburb of Rochester). "Here you will find useful information about our fire department, rescue squad, and personnel." Be kind to your local fire department!

Now THIS is what the internet is for. Here's the ICS version of the Chili Bowl, the story of how the great chili cookoffs began, from the very first one in 1967. Did you know that racing star Carroll Shelby was instrumental in starting it?

"We've gathered sauces 'n stuff from near an' far to help KICK your tastebuds into high gear... take a moment to browse, imagine, and savor... " the flavors of Fire & Spice 'n Lots of Stuff Nice; flavors like Dave's Insanity Sauce, Ass in the Tub, CRAZY JERRY'S Swine Wine Basting Sauce "THE REAL SQUEAL", and BUBBA Brand BUBBA-Q-SAUCE.

Come visit Taylor's Gourmet Mexican Chili, based on an old family recipe obtained at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair! (Man, that's some old chili!). You can even order it over the net, too.

A day in the life of a chili cookoff: "Is that a chile pepper in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? What kind of country is this that has people paying to have a cow poop on their square to win money? And people wonder how the youth of America gets corrupted, it's these chili cookoffs I tell you!"

Straight from Wolf Point, Montana, it's Wolf Point's Hottest Chili Weekend in June! Chili cooks from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Montana, and North Dakota have competed for the $725 in prize money.

"I've developed three levels of competition chilis, respectively known as "Blind Man's Chili - Chili so good, you'll ask for your second helping after you get your vision back'', ''Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Chili - from the Team at the End of the Universe'', and the current (and mildest), ''Dragon's Breath Chili.''

Aloha from Hawaii, home of Bread Box Kalaheo and Hawaiian Lava Sauce, made from Hawaiian habaneros.

The Micrografx Chili for Children Cook-Off is a Texas-style hoe-down held each year during COMDEX/Fall in Las Vegas. Chili for Children has raised almost 3 million in cash and in-kind donations since the first event in 1991. The proceeds are used to enhance the The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)'s national technology network.

The CHILI GAZETTE is an excellent cookbooklet and contains a wealth of information presented in a nostalgic OLD WEST GAZETTE style format.

Hundreds of chili recipes courtesy the Culinary Connection's archives, from "A Bowl of Red" to "Zesty Steak Chili" and all points in between.

Here's a guy who asked to be on this page! Sam McGee's has "scoured the planet looking for the most interesting and flavorful hot sauces, hot salsas, and hot gourmet speciality foods. We now offer these items to you, the discriminating chilihead."

In the eight years of operating the El Pass-o-Cafe, Dave and Judith Stone they have been treating local chileheads, as well as visitors to a taste of paradise under the hot Florida sun with their Mad Pepper Co. sauces. We have caused more than a little perspiration on the cheeks of the tanned and sunburned!

Chef Rich has some Facts About Chili Peppers, like the Scoville Test For Capsaicin, Peppers and Health, Remedies For the Pepper's Bite, and Armageddon II, Chef Rich's Hot Sauce!!!!!!

From Edwards Air Force Base in California, home of the nation's top Test Pilots, comes the AFFTC Approved Test Pilot Chili. "WARNING! USE OF DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED - USE EXTREME CAUTION! 1 ea. Recipe, Chili, MIL-C-6-94 Type 1 All Meat; Note: Special Handling Required." If that's not enough, it ends with "CAUTION! THE ADDITION OF BEANS TO THIS CHILI IS NOT AUTHORIZED AND CAN LEAD TO PREIGNITION AND SUBSEQUENT DETONATION!"

Here's an allegedly a true story of an account of a judge at a chili cookoff, who got a bit more than they bargained for.

Slippery Sam's Cowboy Chili and Dead Horse Saloon Chili. "We're just a bunch of slightly crazed yahoos who enjoy drinkin' beer, makin' noise and of course, cookin' chili. Our proceeds go to various charities like United Way and March of Dimes."

"The Chili Stop represents The oldest and most respected chile and spice producer in New Mexico. We offer you the best quality hot chile; green chile, red chile, hot jalapeno, hotter habanero, chile pequin and much, much more. All of our spices are the freshest, highest quality available."

Finally.... chili around the world!
Babelfish is a translator program that can convert French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese into English, named after the translator fish from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". But it leaves a bit to be desired with some of the translations, as you'll see...


From NASA's Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica, this diary entry tells of the world's only chili cookoff in Antarctica! It's a yearly event.

Visit Mark's Mostly Chile Page. "This collection of pages was written because I have an addiction: hot chiles and tomatoes."


Welcome from Richard "Red Hot" Chauvin's page, Homepage of the Chauvins (Windsor's first family of chili). Don't forget about 1998's Ontario Chili Championship, coming up on June 27. Hey... have a chili day.

Welcome to Dan T.'s Inferno: "Abandon every other spicy condiment, all you who enter."

Welcome to the Inferno! The world's hottest new Vodka! This site is not intended for the faint of heart. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the INFERNO.

Are you a person: Who likes to add a little heat to a meal, Enjoys a little ZING in a Caesar or a Bloody Mary, Would like to pepper up a bar-b-que, Or would you just like to add some SPICE to your life. Then you've come to the right place! We, at A Passion for Peppers can do all this and more for you.


Here's a Danish recipe for Chile con carne.Man, they sure have strange looking letters in their alphabet: this recipe tellsyou to "Hak løgene groft. Skær peberfrugterne i strimler."

This Danish recipe for Chile con carne has some weird ingredients, like 500 g hakket oksekød, 2 tsk svinefedt, and 1 stor hakket løg. But you spell Jalapeno the right way, and the recipe includes 1 pilsner.

Yet another Danish recipe that uses those funky letters: Stig's Chili con Carne has stuff like "Herefter tilsættes de flåede tomater og tomatkoncentratet, man rører grundigt rundt og der skrues lidt ned for varmen og lægges låg på."


"Here it is, back by popular demand. The one and only, as approved by the Geneva chemical weapons Convention... KASVI'S NUCLEAR CHILI!"

"Tervetuloa Santa Maria Chilin maailmaan! Santa Maria Chili on uusi ja mielenkiintoinen tuotevalikoima chilimausteita jakastikkeita." Woohoo! It's even got a Chili Hotline page.


"Plusieurs recettes. Voici la recette de chili con carne que nous avons adoptée. Elle n'utilise pas des haricots rouges dont nous ne raffolons pas." I have no clue what this means, but this Chili con Carne page is in French! (But if you use Babelfish, it translates to "Here the receipt of Chile idiot edge which we adopted.")


The Volltextsuche im Kochbuch page is in German. Mit tons und tons of chili recipes in German (duh!), from Apfelmus pikant to Zwiebel- Kräuterpastete.

Four more German Chili Con Carne recipes with instructions like "Dicke Gemüsezwiebeln würfeln und glasig dünsten, dann über das Mett schichten." Babelfish is so much fun: it translates that to "Thickens vegetable bulbs cubes and glassily vapors, laminate then over the Mett."

Great Britain

Graeme Caselton's Chile Head page has a ton of links to chili recipes from the Chili-heads mailing list, plus lots of info on chili (find out just what Hunan Hand is!).

Great Britain Celebrity chili recipe #1: Paul and Linda McCartney's Chili Non Carne

Hong Kong

The *real* home page is, unfortunately, in Hong Kong, and it has nothing to do with chili; it's a "Character creation and Design for Interactive Online Kids Site." (And I had the name first, darn it! These guys came along in January 1997! But they registered the domain and I didn't.... :( ) Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reach them since the transfer of Hong Kong to the Chinese. Coincidence?


One of the favorite foods at Vefskinna Halldóru. Chili is apparently one of the Uppskriftir (whatever that is), judging from her list.


CHILI CURES IMPOTENCE! No, really! An article in the Dec. 1994 issue of the Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology entitled "Intraurethrally Infused Capsaicin Induces Penile Erection in Humans." The authors are from the Department of Urology, University of Ferrara, Italy. It seems as though the essense of the chile -- capsaicin -- can cure it all, including IMPOTENCE.

"Tabella Piccantezza di alcuni Tipi di Peperoncino!" Not sure what it means, but this page has a Scoville table. I think La Plaza Pub is a restaurant. "Il Locale è in stile Messicano e rappresenta una piazza Messicana con Panchine e Tavoli ed un chiosco tipico (Banco Bar) dove si vende Birra, Focacce ,Panini e Specialità Messicane e tante Salse Piccanti"


Frankie's Chili from the recipe corner: "Feeling as though one more night of curry and rice or ramen might contribute to your ultimate downfall as a human being not to mention your digestive track? Well, let me introduce you to a walk on the wild side where only the truly daring would even consider going. The recipe is good old-fashioned American chili, born and bred with fire, depending on your tolerance. This will be especially good in those winter months of heat deprivation."


What's a chili cookoff without tequila? is a page (from Cabo San Lucas) that is dedicated to the growing number of Tequila afficionados seeking up-to-date inside Information on Tequila, Mezcal, and Pulque.


This 4-personen Chili con carne has other stuff, including 2 grote uien, 1 rode Spaanse peper, 400 gr rundergehakt, and 1 theelepel bruine basterd suiker. (Hey, are you allowed to say "basterd"? ;) )

John Mordhorst's Chili Fantasy contains stuff like "olie, 2 blikken chili bonen (of kidney bonen), 1.5 eetlepel chili poeder, 3 teentjes knoflook fijngesneden, and 1 grote ui in blokjes."

Another 4-personen Chili Con Carne Dutch recipe, whose Benodigdheden include uien, boter, 5 eetlepels mexican ketchup, and 125 gr geraspte oude Goudse kaas (whatever they are).

Here's another Dutch HOOFDGERECHTEN page. "Dit recept kent vele variaties. Men kan ook twee potten witte bonen gebruiken en de kidney beans weglaten, meer of géén maïs gebruiken, wel of geen zure room erbij geven, wel of geen sla, minder gehakt, enz. enz." Yeah, that's what I would have said, too.


"Välkommen till Santa Maria Chili ! Santa Maria Chili är ett nytt spännande sortiment av chilikryddor, paste's och såser. Vill du veta mera klicka på ikonerna här till vänster." Yep, that's what I would have said too, if I spoke Swedish. (Although why a Swedish site is hosted on an island off the coast of New Zealand, I'll never know....)


Chilli Con Carne – an intuitive recipe. Jose's parting words: "Don't overspice if you don't want to risk Montezuma's revenge."

I think this is a chili site. It's called Lam med hvitløk, chili og mynte, and it's got ingredienser like pak choi (grønnsak som fåes i Asiabutikker) eller frisk spinat eller kinakål, vegetabilsk olje, fint lammekjøtt, benfritt og skåret i tynne skiver, hakket hvitløk, eller 4-5 sjarlottløk, and of course, Litt finhakket rød chilipepper.

Outer Space/NASA

The Official Home of the Surfin' Chili Chili Cookoff Team, Fine Purveyors of Chili since 1990. With a base of operations in the Clear Lake area of Houston, Texas, Surfin' Chili is arguably one of the greatest cookoff teams ever to appear at the NASA/Johnson Space Center Flight Operations Directorate (FOD) and Space Transportation System Operations Contract (STSOC) Chili Cookoffs.

The annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference Chili Cookoff, right here at NASA in Houston! See, it's not just rocket science down here...

A video diary of the 1997 NASA Johnson Space Center FOD Chili Cookoff from

NASA Headquarters (Washington DC) and Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) had a Best Chili in the Galaxy contest.

Ames Research Center in California also has an annual chili cookoff. This year's was "Bigger, better, more sizzling!"

From NASA's Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica, this diary entry tells of the world's only chili cookoff in Antarctica! It's a yearly event.


No way! Alligatorchili in Swedish! For the Swedish-impaired, here's a translation: Saute=steka i olja/matfett, stock=buljong, and ground=mald. Plus the recipe for the infamous Texas Tornado drink. As they say in Sweden, "Tillbaka till föregående meny."

Not a recipe, but an amusing article about an elephant named Sassy who has taken a liking to chili. The result? See for yourself in the article entitled Gassy elephant blows her trainer thru a wall.

Hej chilihead! Vare sig du är en chilihead eller någon som helt enkelt uppskattar god mat hittar du många anledningar att besöka BBQ & CHILI CO. som är Skandinaviens första och enda specialbutik för barbecue och het matlagning.

Those Swedes sure know how to make chili, don't they? Here's Bjorn's Chili, which starts out (in his words) "Värm oljan och bryn skinktärningarna i omgångar. Sänk värmen och stek löken några minuter. Tillsätt vitlöken och stek någon minut till. " Yeah!


Here's Andreas' recipe for Chili con carne. Unfortunately, he likes Kidney-Bohnen in his chili.

A Swiss recipe for Chili con carne: Ein Klassiker!

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

A relic of the Cold War: from a country that doesn't exist, but an internet address that still does... a Chili con carne recipe from the old Soviet Union! But this one looks German. Hmmm....

These cookoffs have come and gone, but their web pages linger on...

The chili cookoff at Saderfest, courtesy Beloit (Wisconsin) Daily News - Tuesday, September 5, 1995.

The Houston Chronicle's report on the Raytheon Aircraft Services 10th Annual Hangar 'O Heat chili cookoff in Feb. 1996.

Here's someone who actually asked to be put on this list! Check out the Great Berkshire Chili Cookoff in the Boston area, May 1996.

The 1995 Georgia-Carolina Chili Challenge, benifiting United Cerebral Palsy.

These fine people have links to this page for no reason whatsoever!

CookNet is provided as a service to all those interested in cooking resources on the web. It is a compilation of links that provide information on cooking, recipes, techniques, etc.

One of a select few of Doug Boughter's Hot & Cool Chili Links.

Tons of cooking links at SuperExpo's Specialty Cooking supersite.

Rich Combs says: "Let me start by saying one thing..... I LIKE IT HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! name is Rich and I'm a chile-head." Admitting it is the first step, Rich....

One of Randall Jackson's "other interests", on Randall's Page.

This is the QBFFW MC Homepage links. "While we can't reveal what this stands for , we think you will enjoy it."

And what's Chili without some BEER?

The Bay Area Mashtronauts are a home-brew club in Clear Lake, Texas, home of Surfin' Chili. Check 'em out!

The Anderson Valley Brewing Company Beer Links Jumpstation has tons of beer-related links on the web.

The Beer InfoNet is "Your One-stop Shop for Internet Beer Info", so you have to check it out!

"Picture the Arizona desert. Home to 20 million rattlesnakes. Scattered F-16 parts. And lizards, the size of beagles. All baked to a crisp 130°F. It's the kind of wide open desolation that makes people think twice before shutting off the car. And a place where cold beer is pretty damn important." Yes, it's the Black Mountain Brewing Company, home of Cave Creek Chili Beer, Chili Light, Cave Creek Beer, Cave Creek Amber Ale, and Cave Creek Gold.

Yahoo's huge list of Beer Pages. Wow!

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