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Welcome to the Sacramento, CA, Wizards of the Road Web Site!!!

The Wizards of the Road Motorcycle Club is a group of friends that like to get together and ride!!!

The idea is to ride...and have fun doing so!!!

Breakfast Rides--Dinner Rides--Day Rides--Weekend Trips--Camping--Evening Activities--Touring

Who We Are

Once upon a time finding a non-political, family oriented motorcycle club was a difficult task. With this goal in mind, we as motorcyclists, formed the Wizards of the Road Motorcycle Club. We pride ourselves on listening to our members to develop programs that meet their recreational needs. We stress member participation in our activities and recommend making suggestions that will further future membership growth. Involving our children in our programs enables us to maintain close family relationships that are valuable to us all and it prepares them to follow in our footsteps to enjoy motorcycling at its best. Safety is our primary concern allowing us to enjoy motorcycling and having fun at all our activities.

Our club is young compared to many, but our members are experienced motorcyclists. Our members are all ages. You will find some of our members are passengers and some don't ride at all, but are committed to assisting our group in making our activities a success. So if you think this type of membership is what you are looking for, please contact us at our E-Mail address on this Web Page. We are always looking for new members who would like to be involved in the joys of motorcycling and being part of a family-oriented, non-political organization.

By the way, we don't care what you ride, all we care about is that you enjoy riding!

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What We Do

T he Wizard members are committed motorcyclists who prefer being on the road and enjoying the great outdoors. We like to take day rides, weekend rides, family camping, evening dinner rides, family picnics, potlucks, evening activities, and holiday get togethers. We also run training classes for our new members on group riding and safety. For our more aggressive rider who likes to take command, we train members for Lead and Sweeper Road Captain positions. For the members that want to participate in a leadership role in the club's operation, we have elections each year to nominate new officers. This gives the outgoing officers an opportunity to be mentors for the future leaders of the club.

Our only mission is to satisfy our members and make safety our first priority.

If you're interested in additional information...Send us an E-Mail

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