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Wolf Lake Cottage Association

Summer Sun & Water Fun
near Apsley, Ontario, Canada
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Peter Sudbury provided this image, which has appeared on most newsletters.

~ Safety Afloat $20 $25 Boating Operators' Card

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Park Rangers have upgraded camping sites on Wolf and Crabb, July 24, 2008, with fire rings.

Cottage Life My Lake service now set up by Andrew Corbett. Register and join Wolf Lake.

2003 AGM Minutes
2004 AGM Ajenda

Financial Report

Royal Ontario Museum Wildlife Field Guides for each area of Ontario

The Spring 2003Newsletter

Did you know that our 1991 Constitution says that a member can be kicked out by the executive for "conduct unbecoming to a member"? Perhaps meetings in years past have been quite energetic.
Executive 2004/2005 Contact List

Wolf Lake Water Testing Results for July 2003 & Aug 2002

Apsley Voice
(Web News published eight times per year)

Dusk 2003

From NORKLA (North Kawartha Lakes Association) . . .
Deputation to North Kawartha Council - Oct 15, 2002 ("shocked and dismayed with the actions of the Reeve and Deputy Reeve...")
Extraordinary Executive Meeting Aug 10 2002 - our current president ejected
16 Questions want MNR to answer
Presentation to Council Aug 13 2002 ("
There is no logical or practical basis for the LSC to solicit input from the public regarding Phase 3 until... ")
Final Response to LSC Final Recommendations Oct 20 2002 (... leaves us feeling very vulnerable with a cookie-cutter designation of "Operating Provincial Park." )

This site will disappear on October 26, 2009!

Latest in:
Fun Day Aug 2, 2009 -flyers Part 1 & Part 2
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2009
Wolf Lake Howler - Spring 2009 - PDF - 2.8MB -includes Aug 2 Fun Day and AGM notices.
Wolf Lake Howler - Mid-Summer 2008 - 4.5 MB PDF includes Fun Day and Regatta details for Sunday, Aug. 3 [or view just the poster & map].
Wolf Lake Howler - Spring 2008 - PDF
Wolf Lake Howler - Fall 2007 - PDF
Wolf Lake Howler - Mid Summer 2007 - PDF
Wolf Lake Howler - Spring Newsletter 2007 PDF or HTML
Possible Paving of Anstruther Lake Road
Water test results Aug 2006.
Ontario Parks - high fees, low service, staff cuts
Storm 2007 Aftermath Photos
Approved Management Plan released ...
Management Advisory Board's questionnaire regarding future park fees and park rules.
Evaluation of several potential new public access roads
within the park and the decision on whether to proceed with construction will be part of the management planning process.
2006 Park fees not increased
- Day use fees range from $2 to $8 per day for walk-ins, and $7 to $15 per day per auto.
Ontario Mining Claims Maps are available online. After answering YES to the disclaimer, you will be taken to the overview map of Ontario. Keep clicking on the Wolf Lake area in order to zoom in. You will also be able to turn on elevation contour lines, and measure distances between points, using the left and right menus.
Ontario Mining Map of Wolf Lake
Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park - web site provides newsletters, planning documents, access routes, trails, fish types, rules, more maps, etc.

New Map and Satellite Imaging service from GOOGLE (Try typing in Apsley, ON Canada) Then zoom in, drag the map to show Wolf Lake and click on the new satellite images - top right. Amazing! High resolution images can be ordered from EarthSat for many $$$.
Want fairer waterfront property taxation? Join
Bear Warning - Bear Wise phone line 1-866-514-2327 toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week during bear season.
North Kawartha Council wants answers from the Park Management Advisory Board - letter.
Potential for Park Usage Survey - Universtiy of Guelph [93k pdf]
New Signs posted at the Lake!
Looncall Lake - our neighbours' thoughts
Road Update for 2002-2003 web site
Bill 100 Makes Us a Park: The Charter, President's Update, Legislature Comments, Ratepayers' Assocation Newsletter, Map
Algonquin Cottager faces fees



Annual General Meeting Audience

Dan and Anne Delong, Bert Needham, Martha Hunt, Paul St.Germain, missing Andrew Corbett

Results of Wolf Lake Cottagers Association Annual General Meeting 2002 Part 1

All Wolf Lake property owners had an opportunity to vote. Here is the  ballot which asked whether or not the recipient wished to support a Park designation (YES or NO). The results of the vote have been recorded and published/posted.


For the time being, send e-mail to Dan Delong:
Wolf Lake is located to the west of Apsley, on the Anstruther Lake Road. It is part of the area known as the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site. Two nearby lakes are Anstruther Lake and Looncall Lake. Further south, Stony Lake is the oldest and most exclusive cottage area in the Kawarthas.

Results of the August Vote regarding the proposed Kawartha Highlands Signature Site.
Vote_results as a web page.
Vote results as an Adobe Acrobat Reader file.

Letter by Dana Dvorak - Cottagers helped in park set up (Peterborough Examiner Aug 2002) - opinion

Counter Local Stakeholders Group of the Kawartha Highlands (LSGKH)
Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park