Rogers believed that all life comes from the sun and is fed by solar energy directly, via sunlight, and indirectly via food. White Light which, in terms of physics, is pure, undifferentiated sunlight, energises the auric and physical bodies giving life and health as it flows through the White Light Field. The interesting thing about Roger's Field is that it is exactly the same shape as the DNA molecule whose structure was not determined by Crick and Watson until 1953.
Rogers' courses were difficult to get into as he was more interested in producing good practitioners than in making a profit selling machines. Each potential student had to demonstrate his/her sensitivity by using a pendulum over each of the letters of the alphabet. The pendulum would have to move not only in a different way, but what Roger's considered the correct way for each letter before the person would be taken on as a student. Information was only given out to students as they became ready enough to use it. He died in 1959

Mark Gallert
One of Rogers' students was Mark Gallert N. D. (1915-1985) who took the White Light instrument and added various components to it so as to be able to call it the Gallert Analyser. Whereas Rogers' system of rates had been based on observation and experiment linked to a knowledge of the WL Field, Gallert's system was based on a series of personal rates related to nothing until Rogers' system began to vanish under a mound of unconnected information, much of which failed to produce results.
Katherine Gray, BSc.,N.D. began studying with Gallert in 1973 and worked for him as his radionic assistant, preparing analyses for his clients and treating them, for three years before studying to be a radionic teacher. To this day (2000) she is still the only accredited teacher of White Light Radionics holding a certificate of Teacher Qualification from Gallert.
In 1979, they founded the Faculty of White Light Radionics together with the intention of producing a student training programme that would cover a variety of topics related to both the physical and non-physical aspects of the human being. By 1981, Gallert and Gray had parted company over training standards and the length of training needed.
Gray founded the College of Radionic Science and Natural Therapeutics in 1984 as well as the White Light Radionic Association with members in the U.K., Canada, the U.S.A. and Switzerland. All of Gallert's additions to Rogers' instrument were removed and, over a period of time, all of Gallert's personal rates were removed from the system as being unstable, unusable or ineffective. Roger's original ideas were built upon and expanded by Gray so that, today, the White Light system of radionics, as practised by the members of the Association, is probably the most comprehensive and extensive system available.

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