Role - Play Number:- # [ 5 ]

WME Record:- Victories [ 03 ] Defeats [ 00 ] Drawn [ 00 ]

Next Match:- Ivory Vs. Lollipop Vs. Victoria - [ Non Title 3 Way Dance ]

WME Achievements:- Signing with WME; Winning Debut Match; Summerslam 2004 Diva Tournament Winner;

Carrer Achievements:- WWF Women's Tag Team Championship (First Ever with Terri Runnels 'Paulina'); WWF Women's Championship (2x); HWF Mix Tag Team Championship (3x with Jeff Hardy 'Shawn'); XWF Women's Championship (First Ever); XWF Women's Tag Team Championship (First Ever with Lita 'Amber') CWE Women's Championship (First Ever, 2x) ECW Women's Hardcore Championship (3x) ECW Women's Tag Team Championship (First Ever, with Molly Holly 'Michelle') XWC Women's Tag Team Championship (2x, with Torrie Wilson 'Michelle')

Fallen Victims:- Stacy Keibler[ 1x ]; Tori[ 1x ]; Chyna[ 1x ];

:: Disclaimer :: Everything you see before your eyes was done by Rick The Layout, and the lovely roleplay. So, im just going to take a wild guess and predict your not going to steal it. If you do decide to steal it well, dont say i dident warn ya; Get this threw your fucking head, MINE M-I-N-E! not yours! I think you can understand that right? Good.

Prologue: Ivory hasent been seeing in some time, well heres an update so you guys can catch up ..... Ivory defeated Stephanie McMahon, Sable, Chyna, Miss Jackie, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler to be crowned the 2004 Summerslam Diva winner. This means Ivory gets a shot at the Women's Champion who happens to be the pyshcotic Victoria! Well the next week on Slam, the McMahons held a draft and now the women's division is back to its old home; Smackdown! And boy what a first week back it was ...... Ivory was booked against Miss Jackie and Torrie Wilson, however the "orginal 'purple princess' bitch" refused to wrestle in the match and pulled a no show. However later in the night she had a backstage encounter with the champ herself Victoria! After trashtalking the champ took it to Ivory which wasent smart for neither of them ..... see ... Victoria fought Daffney and out came Ivory who caused Victoria the match! Ivory thought she got the last laugh, but Diva GM Pamela Paulshock came down and restarted the match as well as suspended Ivory! Well now Ivory makes her return this week and faces Lollipop and The psycho champ herself! It seems a fued between the champ Victoria and Ivory is underway ... to see what goes down, stay tuned to Smackdown!

Scene: " office meeting with the commish "
Time: ?????? - ????????

- Scene 1 -

.|[scene]|. The scene shows Ivory walking down the halls wearing a skimpy purple top with leather pants that has purple strings flowing down the sides. Ivory doesent look much pleased as she turns down the hall and enters a room that reads "Diva's Commish" Ivory enters a room that is large in size. We soon see Vince Russo sitting down at his desk with a smirk on his face as Ivory stands in front of him and folds her arms. Vince smirks as Ivory starts tapping her foot.

[\The WME diva.commish Vince Russo/] Well, well miss Ivory .... what brings you here to the office?

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] *she is disgusted and pissed off, could it be the time of the month? No Ivory is just a super bitch who scoffs in the face of the new commish as she begins to speak* Well first off all, welcome to WME. Hopefully you'll do good with the division, because lords knows that dumb twit Pamella needs all the fucking help she needs. *Vince doesent looks pleased as Ivory flips her hair and goes on* Anyways .... my contract has been suspended, and now i want to know if i have a match this week.

[\The WME diva.commish Vince Russo/] Well of course you do sweetie! And this week your going against Victoria ... *Ivory cuts him off with excitement*

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] YES! Finally i get a shot as that stupid wannabe! Ha ha ... Vince your lookinga t the new champ baby! I cant wait to get my hands on that little ... *Vince chuckles aloud as Ivory raises her eyebrow*

[\The WME diva.commish Vince Russo/] Actually ivory, this will be a non title match.

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] *As soon as he finished those words, Ivory with a frown slams her hands on his desk* WHAT!? ugghhh but i won the tournament ... i should be getting the ... *Vince puts his hand up and forces her to stop*

[\The WME diva.commish Vince Russo/] As i was saying ... Ahem. Not only is this a non title match, but Lollipop will be in the match up as well.

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] *Ivory nods her head and scoffs* Who?

[\The WME diva.commish Vince Russo/] She is the girl from ... *Ivory grunts before she cuts him off as she rolls her eyes.*

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] I know who the little slut is. But Vince come on! She is not worthy enough to be in the same ring as me! Im a friggin living legend of women's wrestling. Lollipop .. lod can she evn wrestle?!? Vince come on tell me your not another Paulshock .. i thought you would be making better matches.

[\The WME diva.commish Vince Russo/] If you dont like it ... tough luck. In my opinion this is going to be a great match. Why dont you just take your little hissy fit out on those two? *He chuckles at his own comment as Ivory simmers down and nods in disgust*

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] Ugh. You bet i'll take it out on those too. Vince in this match im going to show you why WME is what it is. Ha, you want to be the commish of this division well honey, your looking at the queen of Smackdown and im also going to show you and that freaky slut Victoria why the title should be around my waist when i take it to the her! *Ivory says confident and bold as she hisses at the commish. Ivory then turns her back to him.*

Soon Ivory walks out of the door, out of the office and shuts the door behind her. Scene soon comes to an end.

Scene: " you suck Lollipop "
Time: ?????? - ????????

- Scene 2 -

.|[scene]|. The scene shows Ivory sitting in a room with her hair pulled up. She is seen sucking on a lollipop. She takes it out of her mouth and takes a lick of the red candy. She then looks into the camera with a smirk. Her smirk moves into a frown as she bites down in the middle of the lollipop and spits out pieces of the candy in the camera's lens! Ivory then throws the stick and begins talking.

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] You know i always hated lollipops. They cut the tongue, and the top of the mouth. They can break your teeth, let alone cause magor cavity problems. You can also choke on them. But the worst thing about these candi canes, is that they cant wrestle. They are horrible in the ring. Infact a certain Lollipop, puts the whore ... in whoreible. *flashes an evil smirk then flips her hair* Thats right ... Im talking about you Lollipop. You come into WME just another catfighting blonde sterotype. The only thing different about you oppose to skanks like Torrie Wilson and Miss Jackie .... is your proud to literally be a sucker. Uggghhh you disgust me ... knowing pops isent the only thing you drive into your mouth. Lollipop, for your information .... i saw your past debut match and though you did win, being the verterian of this sport that i am ... i can point out that candy and cocks isnet the only thing you suck at. Thats right you suck in the ring, what makes you think you think you can even be in the same exact ring, at the same exact time with me? Lollipop, before WME the only thing you had to your credit of being a wrestler was just rippinf off the Nitro Girls while in NWA-TNA as a stupid cage dancer. Sure you had a catfight here and there ... but does that make you a wrestler? Does that make you worth my time? Lord! Who in the blue hell comes up with these matches. Lollipop i shouldnet be pitted against you. Why dont you save yourself the time and back down from the match .... for i assure you that your going to be a piece of cake. Ahem. *Ivory continues after she grins* Lollipop, there is no need for you in wrestling. Hell even stupid skanks like Torrie Wilson can beat you. Why are you even here? What in the hell do you think your going to prove by trying to wrestle. Honey, this isent the place for bimbos like you, in the ring ... a women gets hurt, gets the hair ripped from her scalp, and yes breaks a nail or two ... honey you have no idea what your in for. Hell this is an actual wrestling match ... its no bra and panties match were you can just pull off the other bitch's top and be delcaired the winner like that. This is a match were you use what you got to the beat the bitch and win ... and hunny firstly; you will never beat this bitch, secondly; you dont have anything. In the ring Lollipop, your ignorant, you know shit about wrestling. And guess what? Having cocks shoved up the cunt has absolutley nothing to do with wrestling. So why dont you go home .... but if your skank ass does decide to stay in WME, just stay were your needed ... and that would be laying flat on your back in the men's locker room ... at least you would know something while doing that. Know Lollipop, if your airhead doesnet know this by now ... The Women's Champion: Victoria will be in this match as well. Now lets talk about the champion sha'll we? *Ivory smirks with a pleased yet evil look upon her face*

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] Victoria .... you want to call yourself the "Pyscho Bitch" ? Darling, im sorry but pulling your hair out and hanging out with a bisexual freak from ECW doesent mean your pyscho. Sure you may look like you need help, and lord knows you need all of that. But my term of pyscho is when it comes to inside the ring. Were the mot painful and brutal forces are being done by a pyscho who wants to do nothing but deliver pain. Victoria your not fooling anyone. Your more of a pussy then pyscho. Excuse my language but you are. You think your so tough because what you defeated non talented blonde skanks? Tisk tisk you should know better ... i mean you cnat brag about beating a slut who should be on the corner instead of a wrestling ring. Now Victoria you may have that belt on your shoulder, around your waist, were ever you keep it ... but you have yet to face the legend. You have yet to face a real pyshco bitch. Victoria ... you have yet to face me! In this match, i'll easily destroy that toothpick Lollipop, then i'll get to you Vicki. Victoria im going to show you what its like not only to be in the ring with a real pyscho, and a real wrestler ... and ill also show what its like to be in the ring with a real champion! Every passing day Vicki, i hope your taking a good look at your belt. Because in a matter of time ... that belt is going to be with me in no time. I think its more then clear that i would be the new champ this week if this match was for your precious title, i mean come on .... i have tooken out all of Divas that stood in my way thus far, and you and some cagedancer from NWA-TNA is going to be no problem for Ivory! Victoria, lets face it, your the wannabe. You are just obsessed with me arent you? I mean back in WWE i saw the way you looked at me you freaky dyke. Then you take my nick name, only being a mental lunatic, you then state your the best in wrestling history. *Ivory holds her stomach as she chuckles for sometime before she lulls and raises her eyebrow* Victora come on ... you have been in the game for a brief 4 years. I been kicking ass for almost 2 decades! Do you really think id lose a match to you or any other slut in WME? Heck no honey! *Wonders her eyes as she starts thinking, she then smiles as she looks back at the camera* Victoria ... *giggles before finishing her sentence* .... I think i now know why you are actually pyscho. Victoria, your are crazy, your are a lunatic, you are mentally insane and you know why? *Ivory smirks so proud of what she said and what she is about to say* Because you think you can beat the one person you want to be and thats Ivory! You stupid crazy fuck. you will never ever beat me! Honey i cant wait until i get my hands around that raven hair of yours so i can show you what pyscho really means. Victoria this match will for sure be the most brutal, vicous match you have ever competed in ... i'll promise you that. Do you think at all victoria? Think of how much pain that is going to happen to you. *Ivory thinks* Then again how can you think. How can any of these WME Divas think? I mean skanks like Lita cant think because she is dumb as rocks, should have finsihed high school Lita, then theres dumb blondes like our own G.M. Pamela Paulshock. Then there is you Victoria. Your mind is crazy and so hyper ... no wonder why you think your actually better then me. Victoria you nor Lollipop, nor anyone else are not better then me. And come Smackdown ... i'll show you what a real championc an do. *Ivory smirks*

With that being said .... Ivory smiles loving every word that came out of her mouth as the scene fades out.

Scene: " smackdown preview? "
Time: ?????? - ????????

- Scene 3 -

.|[scene]|. Scene opens with Terri Runnels standing next to Ivory who has her hands on her hips looking at the sky, as Terri is seductively looking into the camera lens. Terri then beginds to speak.

[\The Sultry she.devil Terri Runnels/] Hello WME fans. I am here with Ivory. Ivory is making her in ring return since she has been suspended by Diva G.M. Pamela Paulshock. Ivory what our your thoughts on Pamela's actions?

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] Well its no brainer for smart people Terri. Looking at the blonde hair i can tell your not one of them. *Ivory smirks as Terri rolls her eyes to the comment.* But Pamela's actions was probably the worst thing she had ever done. I mean you dont suspend Ivory! I am the WME when it comes to Divas! Infact during the time i was gone, there was no Diva action on Smackdown! That has to say something .. and it says Ivory is the reason why the people come to WME. I mean if you havent notice, during the time i was gone, there was no Divas action plus the ratings went down.

[\The Sultry she.devil Terri Runnels/] Sound preety cocky. Well also during the time you were gone, Vince Russo has been announced as the Diva Commisioner. Do you think thats a good move for the division?

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] Of course it is! Pamela doeent know what the hell she is doing. I mean even the other Divas think so. See ... Pamela is the ultimate dumb blonde. Dumber then you, dumber then Trish, Stacy, Torrie, Lollipop ... everyone! Because Pamela shits bricks when she is in her office ... cause she knows nothing about wrestling so how could she run a division? Well she can technically but she is running it into the wrong direction! So hopefully Vince Russo can help ... unless he forces us into sceevy gimmick matches like he did to the sluts in WCW. Belive me if thats the case im going to friggin NWA-TNA or the indy scene!

[\The Sultry she.devil Terri Runnels/] *The she-devil smirks thinking to herself she wouldent mind not having Ivory, but being the best interviewer she is, she continues her job* Well Ivory .... moving to you. You have a match against Lollipop and the champion Victoria in a non title match. How are you feeling towards that?

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] Great! Im going to show the world who the true Women's Champion is. Lollipop im less worried about, because she is another non talented slut who shows no threath to anyone let alone me. But Victoria is actually a "wrestler" sure id give it to the wannabe ... she has beaten a couple of skanks and whatnot ... and actually has a little bit of a move set, but i am the only quen of the ring! Its a shame the title isent around my waist because lets face it. Thats were it belongs! Victoria may be the champion now but she better get ready to lose it, because as time goes on ... its only her days as champion ending ... and looking at No Mercy is right around the block, and being i am the only worthy challenger, im sure .... no no let me rephase, i am going to be the next champion!

[\The Sultry she.devil Terri Runnels/] Your really belive by the end of No Mercy your going to be the champion?

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] *Ivory takes in Terri's question to her head and takes it the wrong way* Was that a question?

[\The Sultry she.devil Terri Runnels/] *Nods head head* Yes, this is an exclusive interiew.

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] Yeah and i bet you would want to have an exclusive interview with Victoria, at No Mercy on how she defeated me right? *Terri looks confused and annoyed and as she goes to answer Ivory cuts her off* Well to bad! Im the real champion, and if this match were to be a title match i would be champion this week. But i dont mind waiting until No Mercy because come on ... who will be the next champion? Im the best here and i know that for a fact.

[\The Sultry she.devil Terri Runnels/] Well in defense of all that is true ... Victoria wont go down without a fight, especially for her title. *Smiles standing by what she said as Ivory gets annoyed*

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] Pft. Please Victoria stands no chance against me. No one does. I can take on any Diva in even a handicap match! You know i have been trying to tell everyone this since i came back to WME, and yet no one wants to pay me attention. Well you know what .... maybe these stupid people and these interviewers ... *looks at Terri with a dirty look* ... will finally realize that i am what i am. And i am the best .. the real Pyscho Bitch! In this match i'll easily rip Lollipop into half .. and give Victoria just the smallest hint of what i can really do in a title match, and even that hint will be able to defeat her!

[\The Sultry she.devil Terri Runnels/] Strong words, but that is what we always expect from you. How come you won't give Victoria ... o any other diva for that matter ... a chance to believe that she could win against you.

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] Terri, how dare you even propose something as crazy as that. I dont' care what you think of Victoria or the other skanks and if you think that I am being cruel towards her. This has nothing to do with her personally even though I dislike that she is a total wannabe and the whore with the belt. But what this has to do with the fact that i dont have the title, why the hell don't you see that. You really think that i am just going to let these women win especially the champ herself? NO! Im here to kick ass and win just to show all you morons that i am the true champion here. Plus, I am not in the mood to lose to anyone. I am on this great winning streak and its going to great for me finally. Victoria could try and be at the top of her game, but guess what ... I will be to and think about it. I am the living legend, a former 3 time WWE champion, so if I am at the top of my game and supposedly so is Victoria, who is still the better person .... You do the math.

[\The Sultry she.devil Terri Runnels/] Hmm .. I really didn't think of it as that.

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] Of course you didn't. Because you are vastly quick to side yourself "with the good people". * Ivory then begins to point to her head, more of the side of her temple.* You really got to use your head, trust me it will get you places.

[\The Sultry she.devil Terri Runnels/] *Terri rolls her eyes and scoffs* I do use my head for your information. And im in the best of places, Ivory stepping outside the line of doing my job for a second. You arent the only verterian here. I mean i was in wrestling since 1990 ... and besides you may be the verterian but the rest of the WME Divas ae just as good ... infact i think all Divas, me included are great. *Terri smiles*

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] *Ivory laughs before she lulls* Your kidding me right? Terri yeah youve been in wrestling for sometime ... but all you did was suck, just liek the other sluts. Now look at you, backstage away from the action because you cant do anything in the ring. And you and the other women .... *Ivory nods her head thinking* ... Pffft arent in my league. Terri in reality I think there is still a lot of things that a dumb girl like you needs to learn, first of all learning to respect someone who should be respected as myself. I am the legend here, not you. I am the diva of all divas coming from WME. For you to say you are so great. Terri, no one in the WWE ever respected you, and you werent great there nor anyone else besides me. Terri ... the only thing your great at is the same thing Trish Stratus and Lollipop are great at ... Laying flat on there back. You laid down for people, because well.. you were great at that. I mean how many times have you tried to flirt with the Hardy Boyz, Edge, Chritian but you never really got that far with them did you? Terri, I hate with people like you talk all this shit and don't really even take one good look at yourself. You are the most disgusting person to even step into a wrestling ring .... Not that you wrestle anymore. But .. You went from Goldust to Brian Pillman, god rest his soul. Then to Val Venis, and then to Saturn, and you even tried to have a thing with Kane. So let's state the obvious should we. You are never going to be like me. You and the rest of the divas in WME arent great ... im great. Now I have to ask you Terri, what makes you so sure that Victoria can even beat me?

[\The Sultry she.devil Terri Runnels/] Because the rest of the Divas are actually talented. Im sure on any given day Victoria will give you a good fight.

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] And after giveing me "a good fight" you would just love and talk to her wouldent you?

[\The Sultry she.devil Terri Runnels/] I wouldent mind that.

[\The Original pyscho.bitch Ivory/] Im sure you wouldent. *Fake smile* But you know what you can have your excluise with the wannabe another time. Because right now i ahve to tell you that Lollipop, Victoria herself, and you Terri ... all have one thing in common. Something taht has already happened to most of the Divas. *Terri nods he hea din confusion as she awaits what Ivory is about to say* And thats being the destroyed by the next Women's Champion.

With that said Ivory takes a swift slap at Terri stumbles back dropping her mic! Ivory's face and emotions becomes irraged with cruel intentions as she quickly grabs Terri's hair and throws her to the floor. Ivory starts screaming at Terri as Terri tries to crawl aay from her. Ivory then stomps Terri repeatdly before she picks up her small body and throws her into an equipment box! Terri moans in pain as she reaches for her back in pain. Ivory grunts and like a mad woman chuckles evily. Ivory then walks towards Terri and grabs her hair and yells at her before smashing her face into the floor! Ivory likes what she just did as she does it again and again! For the final time Ivory takes Terri's hair and throws her face into the floor before she starts stomping her. Ivory yells at Terri saying "HOWS THIS FOR AN EXCLUSIVE HUH?" Ivory then takes Terri and snapmares her straight onto the floor while still grabbing her hair ... she drags Terri by the roots of her hair and my god were the hell is she taking her??!!??

It becomes clear were Ivory is taking Terri, because the scene is now showing Terri trying to crawl away from Ivory as the cameras are now on the stage of the arena. Terri crawls in the center of the stage a little before the rampway but Ivory catches up to her with an evil look in her eyes and grabs her by the hair and lifts her up to her feet. Ivory lifts Terri in the air and the crowd is going wild as there seeing some action. Ivory holds Terri in the air with a smile and then slams her down hard with a bodyslam! Terri arches her back up and screams in pain as Ivory taunts the crowd as they boo her heavily. Ivory grabs Terri and pulls her down the ramp, while doing so .. she oevrpowers Terri and rips her top off! The crowd lovs that and while in the middle of the rampway Ivory starts stomping on Terri while she in her bra. Ivory then takes Terri and throws her down the rest of the rampway with a snapmare like move. Terri crawls as she maons in pain and Ivory just takes her time stalking Terri as the crowd boos her. Ivory takes Terri and throws her into the ring. Ivory then faces the fans and yells "IM THE REAL CHAMPION!" the crowd boos as Ivory slides into the ring were she spots Terri who is trying her best to make it to her feet. Ivory laughs evily and goes to Terri but from no were Terri gives her a magor slap in the face! The crowd starts cheering as Terri quickly jumps on Ivory's back and trys to fight back with all shes got! The crowd trys to get behind Terri but Ivory reaches behind her and grabs a fist full of Terri's hair and throws her off back causing Terri to slam into the mat hard. ivory laughs evily as she fixxes her hair. Ivory then slides out of the ring and walks to Lillian Garcia and shoves her to the floor! Ivory grabs the chair Lillian was sitting on, folds it up, and slides it into the ring before taunting the crowd as the crowd boos her but is still going crazy on the other hand. Ivory slides back into the ring and grabs Terri by the ahir and lifts her up somewhat before she jumps up taking Terri into the air with her and lands on her knees as Terri lands on her face as Ivory has just done her pet finsiher the POIZON IVORY! The crowd erupts in boos as Ivory chuckles evily. Ivory soon gingerly walks to the chair and lifts it up and oh no thsi looks bad for Terri! Ivory stands still and awaits Terri to get up which wont seem to happen being that the backstage Diva has ben beaten up a little too much. Ivory starts begging Terri to get up as all of the sudden .... The crowd erupts in cheers and even more boos as VICTORIA comes running down with the belt around her waist! The Pyscho diva slides intot he ring and is right behind Ivory. Victoria yells at Ivory and Ivory is stunned Ivory spends no time as a deer in the headlights and trys to nail Victoria with the chair, however Victoria moves out of the way in the nick of time and the chair smacks the ropes which bounces off and nails Ivory in the face! The chair drops as Ivory stumbles around and is caught off gard by Victoria who grabs Ivory's hair and stuffs her head between her legs and with an evil smile of her own ... she lfits Ivory in the air and onto her shoulder. In no time .. Ivory locks her legs around Victoria's back and Victoria hangs onto Ivory by the neck as she falls to her ass and BAM! WIDOW'S PEAK! Ivory falls face forward as Victoria stays still sitting loving every moment of it! Victoria raises to her feet and yells at the fallen Ivory before she starts rubbing her title. "All The Things She Said" by t.A.T.u blast across the p.a. system as Victoria soon exits the ring and in a wiered and derange way grabs her hair and starts to shiver. After a couple of minutes of going back and forth to the fallen Ivory and the pyschotic Victoria .. the scene fades to black!