We are a new club based in West Auckland NZ. We play with miniature models of armies ancient and modern in games that simulate the battles of history. Hence the name Waitakere Minature Wargames Society. Our club has grown out of a group of friends mostly playing Armati together ( mostly living in West Auckland ) and an enterprising group of lads from West Auckland interested in DBM and 25mm games. We held our first gathering in May 2000 and have gathered steam since then. We are mostly interested in Armati and DBM but also play Napoleonics, Naval Napoleonics, DBR and WWII. We'll give most things a go.


Currently we meet on the first and third Fridays of the month in the evenings in Hobsonville and one day of a weekend everymonth at hobsonville. MAP 83kb


We can be contacted through our Club officers....

John Way CO (christmas ornament or president)
David Billinghurst Keeper of Secrets (secretary)
Glen Tibbles Quartermaster
Antony Spalding Semaphore Officer (web developer)