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Cameron Lake - Ontario

Summer at the Cottage 

In the summer of 2000, my grandson and I were fortunate enough to spend time with some of my family at the cottage on the shores of Cameron Lake. I've heard people refer to that area of Ontario as 'God's country'. They're not kidding! 

While there, I never tired of looking out at the water. Every morning I sat with my cup of coffee and watched the water while I was waking up. Such a peaceful start to the day.

And each evening was also spent watching the sun go down over the water.

The following are mostly summer vacation type pictures. I hope you enjoy them.


Morning view

Just hanging out

Time to get the boat out


End of the line - approaching a lock 

Wildlife in the marsh

Too small to keep, this perch was sent back home

His first catch

Wake along the shore

This was a good fishing hole

The lake has a great many lilies growing along the edge

Double rainbow

Sunrise over the water

More summer pics


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