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Interesting Links

dustin2910 got their NeoPet at http://www.neopets.com

We tend to travel on known roads so no matter where you've been on the 'Net', there's always a new space to explore. Please explore with me and if you have any links you would like to add, just email them to me.

Below are some interesting links that I've gathered and hope you enjoy:


This site deals with canoe routes in Ontario. Fine use of graphics and contains some wonderful pictures. 

Betty's Travel Kiosk - Excellent Personal Travel Information, Packing List, Travel Hints, Safety Tips, Photo Gallery, as well as links to many informative travel sites.

This site is dedicated to bringing you the resources you need to have fun in the great outdoors. 


Grandpa Steve - site is for Parents, Grandparents, Children, and Teens. Being a parent is the most difficult, yet most important and satisfying work you will ever do. During the busy and exciting days that make up the first weeks of parenting, remember to take good care of yourself as well as the new baby. Here are some tips on how to survive the early weeks with the new baby.

Here's a cute little site, where you and your family can 'adopt' a cyber teddy. Click on little Dusty to get there.

Meet my little Dusty


For information on ponds/koi or just to see some lovely pond pics,  Skippy's is the place for you! They do lots of stuff, including giving out FREE (good) ADVICE. They have also put together a staff of experts to answer all your questions concerning  ponds and water-gardening.

Strange or Bizarre

You never believed Elvis is gone? Well, neither do these folks! Dead Elvis Sightings

Strange science facts that you may have always wondered about(?)

WOW! Sites

For all of you (me included) who couldn't be there. The party of the century!  1969 Woodstock be there or be square!

Fun sites

 The Dave Chronicles  A lighthearted look at life, love, demons and other assorted messes. 

Are you a Red Green fan? If so here's Red's site! Remember what Red always says...

The Dork Site! A great way to waste time!

  Idleworm Spoofs. Great fun!

The Very Silly Webloid - Canada's Humor Tabloid - WEBLOID


My favorite game - Kyodai Mahjongg - be forewarned, this is a very addictive game.

For a little Mahjongg variety and a few on-line games try www.k1010.com This is a full screen site with excellent graphics.

Kids Domain - PC and Mac Shareware and Freeware Programs for Kids recommended by families and teachers. Demos, reviews, programming for kids, and free graphics. Brainbuilders - dinos, space, reading, math, music, sports. Crafts and holiday activities.

Computer Needs

Here's a great little anti-virus program -AVG - to install on your machine. It works great and best of all it's FREE! 

 This site has a great feature. You can scan your hard-drive for viruses from their site. No need to download a program. For peace of mind, I  scan my hard-drive about once a week.  


Tired of all those chain letters! Is it another 'urban legend'? Help stop junk e-mail and misinformation. Check out Break the Chain 

Looking for information on penguins? This site has it all! The Penguin Page.

For anyone who may have been injured on the job, this link provides you with links to the Worker's Compensation Board site in your area. Sites provide info for you, the worker. Or do you have a beef about WCB - see  complaints against WCB - maybe even post a story of your own. 

Looking for a place to list your site? List your site here.

Social Issues

The Poor People's Guide to More Than Just Survival - designed for the Portland area but a good read for all.

Would you like a place to share your views on today's news. Then click here.

Out of this World!

If you have an interest in aliens, this may be the place for you. Site contains some pictures and the story. The author of this site claims authenticity. Make up your own mind!


Canadian Centre for abuse awareness. Serves both those who are dealing personally with the impacts of abuse as well as those professionals who seek to provide assistance to those in need.

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