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Kakabeka Falls

The impressive Kakabeka Falls are located very close to a small town of the same name, on Highway 11/17 about fifteen miles west of Thunder Bay.  

The falls plummet approximately 39 meters into the rugged gorge below. 

It is also one of the most visited waterfalls in Ontario . 

Kakabeka is an Anishinabe word kakapikijiwanizibi which describe the "steep/jagged cliffs that surround the falls". 

Most of this area exists on a shale bed. It is really evident in the following photos.

We were only able to make a short stop at these falls. They may not be the size of Niagara Falls but just are magnificent in their own right. 

We really enjoyed the pathways and bridge spanning the Kakabeka Falls. This is a great place for hiking enthusiasts.  

Made for a great 'rest stop' while traveling through Ontario. Next trip we plan on allowing for a few days at the Falls.

Unfortunately, the artwork on this park sign didn't show too well.

[glare from the sun, I think]

This pic shows a bit of the wonderful artwork.

Starting on one of the trails. Very pleasant hiking.

The shale is everywhere. I think most of the plants grow out 

of a thin layer of soil on top or in crevices.

This trail had a very sudden stop.

Here is the waterway prior to the Falls.

Just at the top of the Falls.

The water falls over the shale.

Not as big as Niagara Falls but I'm sure we enjoyed it more! It isn't jammed with tourists and no commercialism.

What a magnificent rush of water!

A different view.




The water is so calm now that it's flowing away.

So peaceful now.

We really wished there would have been more time to enjoy the beauty of this area.

To go to the Kakabeka Falls Park site click here


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