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Pond and Fish

As with most amateur pond enthusiasts, we started off small and have added over the years.

It's so true what they say, 'a pond is never finished'! Each winter I am constantly coming up with new ideas on what we can do to the pond next spring. And believe me with our Canadian winters, I have a lot of time to plan. My only problem is the time and space to do 'renos', as we have a small yard in the inner city. So not a lot of space and we still need some (a little anyways) yard for the grandchildren when they're here.

This little guy has always guarded my fish for me! 

I'm just throwing in a few pics of the pond in it's infancy. 

We've sure learned a lot since that time. The pond has changed significantly over the years.   

As you can see, we started off small. Just 100 gal. The fish were still pretty tiny. 

They can't even be seen. But there are 5 baby Koi hiding in the plants and rocks.

The flowers did start off nice and bright!

We were lucky to find an old hand pump that we were able to build a little water-fall with.

This pic gives an idea of just how small it was.

From the left is my grandson, Anthony, his mom & baby brother, Niki. 

The next is my grandson, Dustin (he lives with us).

You can hardly see the pond by the end of the season! 

I've changed my planting techniques since then!


Early last spring

A new guard added


Datura plant

more to come!

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