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Manitoba Trip

Sprucewoods Provincial Park 

Spirit Sands

[Definitely a must go to for you nature lovers out there!]

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Just a little wildflower

This was one of the most enjoyable camping trips I have ever taken. Great hiking trails with a wide variety of landscapes. A wonderful mixture of grasslands, desert and woodlands. Also shifting sand dunes!

We went on a 15km (9.3miles) hike through the sand dunes, down into the Devils Punch Bowl. The Punch Bowl looks like a massive bowl made out of constantly shifting sand with a small body of water at the bottom. It is fed from an underground spring. This streams out to collect into a creek.

Unfortunately, my pictures of the Bowl itself did not turn out. But the water and surrounding area did.



Devils Punch Bowl

I must say, the Punch Bowl was a bit of a mystical experience. Once there I took off my shoes and socks to soak my hot, tired feet. As soon as I put my feet in the water my body started to tingle all over and I felt wonderful! From what I understand the Aboriginal people used to consider this a 'Sacred Place'. I can certainly understand why.


I'm sure you're not interested in looking at my feet but this helps to shows how crystal clear the water is.


This shows part of the trail going down to the Punch Bowl. Look close and you can see the 'step trail'. This was all part of the 15 km hike.




                              This shows the view of the stepped trail from both sides.



This shows the sand that the area is full of. Notice how all the plants just grow in sand but this provides a very fragile eco system. Any disturbance by humans can endanger the growth. You must be very careful to stay on the marked paths.


Just a piece of scenery. Shows how thick the growth can be.


Here's me sitting on a log over a beaver pond. It was a big step for me since I'm scared to death of water. (can't swim)



Cutout of 'mistletoe'                                

Spruce trees are native to the area. Notice the thickness around the right mid tree, that is 'mistletoe' a parasite that has been attacking the Spruce in the area. It looks almost like another tree growing out of the original one. Unfortunately it also kills the tree.

Just  to show how wide some of the trees are. I asked if he remembered what kind of tree this is, 

he says 'a big one'.


[All photos on this sight are the copywritten property of the owner. Please ask if you would like to copy them!]

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