Our Twin Blessings - Faith and Grace




Ken-Shin and Brenda Wong are the proud parents of the twin girls




Faith’s Chinese name is




  Hei means joyful

  Lin means spirit


Hei-Lin is happy and smiling



Grace’s Chinese name is




  Mei means beautiful

  Lin means spirit


Mei-Lin is calm and restful


We thank God and all the saints who have been praying for Brenda and the twins.  Praise our Lord Jesus Christ the twins had natural childbirths.  There was only a very short time of labor and no anaestetic was required.


Paul and Cecilia Joan Wong, parents of Ken-Shin, together with Linda Eng,

mother of Brenda, were the first relatives to welcome their grand-daughters.


God’s timing is wonderful.  October 25 is also the birth date of the twin girls’ great-grandfather Zacchaeus Wong and grandaunt Nornie Wong.  In the Chinese tradition celebration of a baby’s coming into the world takes place one month later.  November 25, 2004 is also Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.A.



May God bless you

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