Wooden Guitars

This web page is an answer to many friends' frantic urges for me to advertise......I make a few guitars for friends and they think so highly of them, they say I need to offer them to the world.

I like to take a broken guitar and make it work.

I REALLY like to take a working guitar and make it play great.  I do excellent set up work.

I LOVE to build a guitar (acoustic or electric) from the personal specs of the buyer, and deliver more than what was originally spec'ed, at an affordable price.

At right are two that I have made:
The double cutaway is mine, and incorporates an ash body, maple neck and fingerboard, GraphTech nut and saddles, Fender red, gold and blue Lace Sensor pickups, two point synchro tremolo bridge, trem-setter lock, and Schaller locking tuning machines.  The single cutaway was made for a local pro and employs an ash body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, Grover tuners and Fender Texas Special pickups.

There are usually some fine new and used guitars in stock that are in mighty loose hands.

I am located in Greencastle, Indiana.
Send me an email!  Let's start a dialogue!

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Above - A couple of "Woodies"

My Info:


Kevin Rollins

Below - An Acoustic "Woodie" under construction



What others are saying about my guitars:

"I just love my Woodie.  Everyone should have one."

"Leave me alone....I'm playing with my Woodie!'

I just can't keep my hands off my Woodie!"