Welcome to my Sailor Moon Page!!!

Welcome to my Sailor Moon Page!

This page will always be under construction!
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12/26/00: Yes, I know it's been well over a year but I've been busy! Had to go through a crappy sophomore year without my best friend and sister(read the last update), start junior year crappily, apply for Japan(final application due beginning of January and come down with mono, so give me a break! I've also been working on my memorial page for Penny so that's taken up time as well. As you probably know by now, my pic pages(cept for my fan page which I haven't drawn anything for in a while so if you got any pics you want on, e-mail them to me!) no longer work cause the pics aren't there! So I'm taking them down until further notice...I have 50 megs at tripod so I'm gonna use some of that for the pics. But until then, this page is really boring and I would suggest going somewhere else for the meantime, but check back for updates!
8/12/99: Okay, okay...I know...It's been 6 months since I've updated, but I've had alot going on. On March 16th, my best friend, Penny Chang, was murdered. That just halted everything in my life and I'm still thinking it's only April cause it doesn't seem like it's been 5 months already. Anyway...I'm not adding much on here...Finally got the background music to work for mostly all browsers now(It didn't work for AOL before but it should now) and I'm clearing out a few links and adding a few. But that's all...But I do have a page up in memory of Penny at
here. Please visit and look around even though it's not nearly finished yet. Hopefully, I should have it completely done by the end of the year since I really only have her drawings, and a few pictures and poems left to put up...

That wave thing at the top of the page and all the little face things were taken from the FMC Emoticon list so give all the credit(and a big hug) to Arron! And don't take them! Please!

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