Restoration of CJ5

Update 5 June 2003

Well after a year in storage, I've moved house and now my garage is big enough to house both project rigs & the TJ (just).

Currently I'm putting various bits through an electrolysis process (I'll put up a tech page on this soon) to remove rust.

I'm also preparing the chassis for painting.

Update  26 March 2001
I have removed the Transfer Case, Gearbox, engine, axles & Suspension.  I will be storing the fully dismantled CJ-5 until the Willys Restoration is completed.

Update 19 January 2001
Before I get into the mechanicals I want to ensure that I completely remove ANY rust so that's my first objective.
Next I will rebuild, refresh or replace as required the mechanicals. This includes a full re-wire of the electrical system.
Lastly road registration.

Body - Tub

Heaps of rust!!
I need to cut large sections from the floor pan and rocker sills.
I will need to replace/rebuild the body mount locations.
Lots of welding in my near future.....

Body -Other

Removed the windscreen & frame - it's scrap and I'll be buying new replacements.
Removed hood, grill, guards & tail gate. All are in various stages of rust removal.


There was a large four post bull bar and side steps - but the angle grinder quickly removed them.
I'm thinking of using my old TJ bumpers.

Diff - Front

I think I'll need to apply some TLC to restore it. ...Basically I'm going to strip it right down and rebuild it.
I'm currently looking into a swap to discs to replace the worn drum drakes.

Diff - Rear

The poor thing has been left out in the weather for far too many years, so a lot of TLC is needed there too...Basically I'm going to strip it right down and rebuild it too.....
I will be overhauling and retaining the drum brakes as I believe this gives a better emergency (park) brake.


There wasn't much left of the original electrical system, and what remained was a mess - so I simply ripped it all out.
Initially I was planning to purchase a complete wiring loom - but have since been convinced to create a full custom loom myself......Should be fun....


This poor carby engine is needing much care and attention. At this stage it's stock. Although I'm not planning modification, I think I might have to rebuild this tired donk.


I had to cut all body mounts & then lifted the body tub, to allow the chassis to be rolled out.
I have cut all rust sections out and welded in new sections where required. Have treated the frame with rust converter (it was mainly surface rust) and fish oil - 2 coats of each
Next I'll be putting fresh paint on the frame.


I've just recently received a full overhaul kit for the  transmission - although I'm not planning to perform this function for a few weeks (at least).


Currently it's frozen in gear (don't know which one).
I am going to split the case and see if I can salvage it - but I suspect I will need a new transfer case.

I have just bought an overhaul kit for the T/case too. 


Removed all the interior - seats, belts, roll cage, dash, pedals....everything.
At this stage I'm thinking of retaining the original seats (but re-covering).
I plan to buy new retractable seat belts (for safety & comfort).
I will re-use the original roll cage - but will likely strengthen it up more.
I am planning to replace the original dash.


These poor old steel things are so rusty that they will not be retained in the final restored set-up. I'll be looking for a new set of 15x8 rims.


There is currently no roof - hard or soft top
I plan to use a bikini top.


They have plenty of tread left, so I'll be keeping those.

Since the CJ5 was passed compliance in 1975 - I must comply with all the regulations that existed at that time.

The project continues......

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