Specifications of the CJ5

Build Date There is no build date (that I can find), however it passed Australian Compliance 1/75.
Engine 232cid Carby donk....dire need of rebuild.
Gearbox It's a 3 speed manual.
It's a Borg-Warner T-14. 
(1st 2.99, 2nd 1.61, 3rd 1.00 & Rev 3.10)....
T/case Dana Model 20. 
Low range ratio of 2.03:1.
Front Diff Dana30 with 4.27:1 ratio. 
Did I mention drum drakes :-(
Rear Diff Dana44 obviously 4.27:1 ratio to match the front. 
No traction aids (yet :-)
Again drum brakes.
Rims 15x10 Wheels - These poor old steel things are so rusty that they will not be retained in the final restored set-up. I'll be looking for a new set of 15x8 rims. 
Oh yeah it's a 5x5.5 bolt pattern.
Tyres 32x11.5 M/T Cooper Discovers. 
A little small for the current 15x10 rims, but they do have lots of tread and they should fit my planned 15x8 rims nicely.

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