History of Our TJ

It's fairly boring, but I might as well give you a quick background.

Originally when I wanted to upgrade my previous 4wd, I was keen to move to either a Toyota 80 Series Land Cruiser or a Land Rover Discovery. Fortunately, the better-half (i.e. then-to-be-wife) intervened and complained that these were both too big & family orientated.

In October 1996, I visited the Sydney 4wd Show, there I saw the soon to be released Jeep Wrangler TJ. I knew straight away that that was what I wanted. After consulting the relevant authorities (i.e. better-half), I got approval & the order went in ASAP.

On order was a Moss Green TJ 4.0L Soft-top Sport with Spice trim, 5 speed manual, air conditioning & sound bar. In Australia, we get the Dana 44 and 3.07:1 diff ratios standard. Finally, on Friday  28/2/97 5:50pm,  I was handed the keys to my TJ. That weekend I went away on the first of my trips in the TJ.......

The rest is probably only interesting to me, so I won't bother boring you with the details.

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